The WTC Production of “You Can’t Take it With You” Has Arrived!

Earlier this evening, the Wheatley Theatre Company (WTC) production of “You Can’t Take it With You” made its debut! This Pulitzer-prize winning comedy premiered on Broadway in 1936 to much fanfare.

This is a particularly special production, as it is a student-directed production!  Congratulations to Talia Rosen, a veteran WTC member, for her wonderful work as Director of the show. Additional student production was provided by:

  • Stephanie Clarfield (Stage Cast Manager)
  • Lucy Brancaccio and Rachel Fuzaylov (Assistant Directors)
  • Ethan Moreh (Stage Assistant)
  • Bert Cumming (Stage and Tech Crew Manager)
  • Joseph Feimer (Sound Design)
  • Pukhraj Kaur, Emma Pak, Astha Singh, Lucy Zha (Set Decoration)
  • Sariah Arroyo, Ananya Bansal, Avani Ramnarayan, Astha Singh, Lucy Zha (Costume Assistants)
  • Meghan Fraser, Sarah Hernandez, Ally Kim, Avani Ramnarayan (Hair and Makeup)
  • Sariah Arroyo, Catherine Zhang (Community Outreach)
  • Astha Singh, Catherine Zhang (Props)
  • Hitangee Jain, Lucy Zha (Ticket Sales)
  • Cyrus Alagheband, Megan Chau, Bert Cumming, Brian Cumming, Joseph Feimer, William Katelansky, Kristen Leong, Thomas Messemer, Aidan Pereira, Gregory Seoylemenezian, Joshua Solemani, Matthew Temkin, Michael Vittucci, Nicholas Xie, Ilan Zarin (Stage Crew)

The wonderful cast included:

  • Sydney Behar
  • Hallie ArbitalJacoby
  • Kimberly Esquillin
  • Jason Manzano
  • Rahul Ajmera
  • Devyn Bennett
  • Jacob Kaufman
  • Justin Vega
  • Alexandra Kasparian
  • Pricilla Prasad
  • Emma Melnikov
  • Caroline Crimmins
  • Skylar Blechner
  • Kaileigh Fiorello
  • Jeffrey Melnikov
  • Alison Amarain
  • Shruti Goyal
  • Ethan Moreh
  • Emma Leng

Thank you to Andrew Ardito for his guidance as the WTC Advisor. Thank you as well to Scott Eckers, Thomas Storck and Paul Chisholm for their work as the Technical Advisors and Set Designers. Finally, thank you to Maura Calio for her work as Costume Designer!

You can view some recent articles from local papers here:

EWSD Senior Citizens Treated to Lunch and a Wonderful Show!

On Saturday afternoon, nearly 100 of our community Senior Citizens enjoyed a wonderful luncheon followed by a special matinee production of Xanadu: The Musical! This annual tradition was organized and supported by the efforts of the following staff:

  • Linda Leff
  • Allison Chanin-Bermudez
  • Joan Anderson
  • Diane Fezza
  • Barbara Klein
  • Karen Love

Additionally, a number of students volunteered their time to serve the community members, including:

  • Rachel Fuzaylov
  • Diana Lee
  • Mary Ma
  • Ethan Moreh
  • Sumu Pitchayan
  • Jessica Poomkudy
  • Jesse Romano
  • Cooper Tanenhaus
  • Alice Ye

During the luncheon, members of the cas spent time intermingling with the attendees.

Thanks to Linda Leff for the photos of this wonderful event!



Do Not Miss the WTC Presentation of “Xanadu!”

Last night marked opening night of the Wheatley Theatre Company’s presentation of Xanadu: The Musical. For those who might be familiar with the 1980 film, please eliminate any negative thoughts associated with the film, for the theatrical production is an absolute delight!

If you did not see last night’s show, be sure to reserve a seat for the Friday evening performance (7:00 pm), the Saturday afternoon performance (2:00 pm) or the Saturday evening performance (7:00 pm). You can purchase tickets through the following link: Tickets to Xanadu: The Musical

Here are a few photos and video clips of last night’s performance! [Thanks to Mrs. Horowitz for the wonderful photographs!]