Wheatley Students Succeed in Advancing to Finals of Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair!

On Friday, 1 March, sixteen Wheatley students competed at the Nassau County round of the Al Kalfus Long Island Mathematics Fair at Hofstra University.  Students from schools across Nassau County came to compete at this regional qualifier. Students wrote papers on a mathematics topic that they have not studied in the traditional curriculum.  Top papers often have the students’ own creative twists as well as original mathematics as part of their research!

On the day of the competition, students had 15 minutes to present their research to a panel of judges followed by a question and answer period.  Achieving at this level is an extraordinary accomplishment for high school students! We are proud of all of our students who participated!

We are honored to announce we will have fifteen students who will be moving to the final round of the Mathematics Fair, which will take place at Hofstra on April 12th.

Please find below the names of the students who competed in the qualifying round as well as the title of their project.

  • Alex ArbitalJacoby (Calculating Atomic Radius)
  • Alyssa Belle (Preventing Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality)
  • Anya Chabria (The Applications of Mathematics in Literature)
  • Shrey Gulati (Magic Squares)
  • Sarah Hassan (Applying Linear Animation Using Mathematics Programming and Art)
  • Viraj Jayam (Examining Functions Under Quasi-Stereographic Projections)
  • Jack Lindenauer (Fibonacci Numbers)
  • Manav Bansal (Mathematical Models Utilizing Differential Equations to Model Tumor Growth)
  • Eric Ness (Logic and Arguments)
  • Armaan Pahuja (Chaos Theory and its effects on Meteorological Predictions)
  • Krittika Prajapati (Binary Numbers)
  • Madison Ramos (Mathematical Modeling Neural Networks)
  • Justin Wong (The Influence of Replacing Prime Numbers in Public Key Cryptography)
  • Trenton Wong (It’s all about that Base: Three-Halves)
  • Aaron Zachariah (Transfinite Numbers)
  • Sharon Zhong (Wind Resistance and Failure Analysis)

It should also be noted that Emily Yagoda will be presenting her topic (Solving Rubik’s Cube with Musical Chord Progressions), this coming week at the Suffolk round due to a scheduling conflict.

A big thank you goes to Mary Alexis Pace, DJ Paulson, John Beleckas, and Kasey Caracciolo for chaperoning.

[Thank you to Dr. Robert Teseo for the write-up and the photo!]

Math Fair Prelim Round 2019

Wheatley Debate Team Scores Lots of Success in its First Tournament!

This year marked the start of one of Wheatley’s newest student club: the Debate Club. We are excited to announce that Wheatley School Debate Team went to their first regional competition and state qualifier earlier this month (on Saturday, December 8th) at the at World Journalism Prep School in Flushing, Queens.

As part of this American Debate League Fall Classic Tournament, the team as a whole and a number of Wheatley students found success! A huge “Thank You” to our Faculty Advisor, Ms. Pilar Principe-Franco.

Novice High School Sweepstakes:

  • 1st place: The Wheatley School

Intermediate High School Sweepstakes:

  • 1st place: The Wheatley School

(Sweepstakes is an overall of which school won most rounds in each division.)

High School Intermediate Speaker (Out of 24 students)

  • 1st place: Aarushi Jain
  • 2nd Place: Neil Shah
  • 3rd place: Emily Yagoda
  • 5th place: Siddhi Jain
  • 11th place: Samar Saleem

High school novice Speaker (Out of 50 students)

  • 1st place: Benjamin Casella
  • 2nd place: Freddy Lin
  • 6th place:  Saad Haroon
  • 9th place: Madhi Bhalloo
  • 11th place: Riya Mittle
  • 12th place: Jacob Ribotsky
  • 18th place: Marjan Alagheband
  • 19th place: Declan Brady
  • 20th place: Adam Aldad
  • 24th place: Anika Mittle
  • 28th place: Jaina Shah
  • 36th place: Brooke Schwartz
  • 41st place:  Aisvaryaa Dhama
  • 48th place: Anushka Shorewala

Debate Team results:

Novice level

  • 1st place:  Benjamin Casella and Madhi Balloo
  • 3rd place: Freddy lin and Adam Aldad
  • 4th place: Saad Haroon and Declan Brady
  • 6th place: Jacob Ribotsky and Brooke Schwartz
  • 17th place: Jaina Shah  and Aisvaryaa Dhama
  • 18th place: Riya Mittle and Anika Mittle
  • 23rd place: Anushka Shorewala and Marjan Alagheband

Intermediate team results

  • 1st place: Neil Shah and Emily Yagoda
  • 2nd place: Aarushi Jain and Siddhi Jain
  • 9th place: Samar Saleem

Joe Jacob and Andrew Zuckerman Compete in National Mathematics Contest @Penn_State

Each year , the Nassau County Interscholastic Mathematics League ( NCIML ) invites the top fifty mathletes to represent Nassau County at the annual New York State Mathematics League and the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML).  Forty-three students, from many schools throughout Nassau County, competed at ARML.  This year Joe Jacob (Class of 2014) and Andrew Zuckerman (Class of 2016) represented The Wheatley School and the Nassau County at the ARML.  Matt Huhn (Class of 2014) was invited but could not attend.

2014 was the 39th annual ARML competition.  ARML is an international competition held at four locations in the US and one overseas.  The NCIML competed at the Penn State University site.   There were 84 teams of fifteen students at Penn State.   The Nassau County A1 team came in 58th in the nation and the B1 team finished in 17th place in the B division.

Congratulations to Matthew, Joseph and Andrew for this wonderful recognition. Thanks to Kevin Meyers for the his support of the team and the write-up of this activity.

2014-05-30 09.17.44

“Voice of Democracy” Winner

Our local Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Post 1688, presented Alyssa Conte (Class of 2011) with recognition for her winning essay in their annual Voice of Democracy contest. Alyssa’s essay focused on the voice that her generation can have as they move to the future.

We are grateful for the support that the members of the VFW Post 1688 provide our school. Thanks as well to Mr. Matthew Haig, who helps to organize this contest with our students.’

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