CARE Club Fashion Show Raises Funds for Sunrise Day Camp!

For many years now, our Cancer Awareness, Research and Education (CARE) Club has held an annual “Runway for a Cure” fashion show to support the Sunrise Day Camp, the country’s only dedicated full-time summer day camp for children. With a highlight being the head shaving of Christina Cambria, the donations were especially generous. This year’s event took place this past Friday to an enthusiastic crowd, eventually raising over $7,000 for the camp — with the total still increasing!

We are thankful to the CARE Club officers and the club’s advisors, Christina Cambria and Dawn Muscarnera. We are also thankful for the photos from our yearbook photographer, Island Photography!

Wheatley Girls Lacrosse v Herricks

On Tuesday, 20 March, the Wheatley Wildcats faced off against Herricks in a non-league lacrosse game. After being tied at the half, the Wildcats came out on top, 12-11. Sami Rothstein scored seven goals and an assist, while Julia Braito scored four goals and an assist. Our friends at Island Photography were there to capture the action!


Wheatley Students Compete in Long Island Regional History Day

On Sunday, 18 March, over 730 students from across Long Island descended on Hofstra University to compete in the regional round of the 2018 National History Day competition. Success in the regional round merited an invitation to compete in New York State History Day in Cooperstown later this spring.

Wheatley was heavily involved in this year’s competition, with 42 students participating in the event. Of course, these students were supported by the efforts of our tireless faculty. Dr. John Staudt served as the Academic Coordinator of the entire event, and Dr. Staudt, Mr. Scott Eckers and Ms. Jo Beth Roberts served as judges. Of course, the students also received the support of the 8th and 11th grade Social Studies teachers: Mr. Scott Eckers, Ms. Cindy Schwartz, Mr. Pat Clarke, Mr. Michael Haig, Mrs. Gena Topping, Dr. John Staudt and Mr. Matt Haig. Mr. Paul Chisholm provided support for the exhibits and Ms. Kim Kelleher and Ms. Joanna Schrager provided technical support for the websites!

Junior Group Documentary

  • Lauren Hackett, Charlotte Iannone, Victoria Potrapeluk and Jaina Shah: Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Ian Kim, Siddhant Jain, Brandon Rokhsar and Kate Seo: Japanese American Internment
  • Daniel Solomon and Kavin Shukla: Treaty of Versailles: A Franco-German Conflict

Junior Group Exhibit

  • Ryan Doan and Andrew Kim: Mistreatment of Native Americans and the Treaty of Echota

Junior Group Website

  • Maia Cale and Janice Zeng: Women’s Road to Enlightenment Coeducation
  • Hasan Suleman and Japesh Shah: The Homestead Steel Strike: Owners Conflicts, Workers Compromises

 Junior Individual Documentary

  • Emilia Keys: Nellie Bly: Daredevil Reporter Paving the Way for Women

Junior Individual Exhibit

  • Anushka Shorewala: The Dred Scott Decision
  • Krittika Prajapati: Power of Unity: Conflict and Compromise at the Yalta Conference

Junior Individual Performance

  • Kajal Kapoor: Gay Rights

Junior Individual Website

  • Justin Wong: The Social Security Reformation of 1983

Junior Historical Paper

  • Marco Garcia: Seward’s Folly
  • Emma Pak: Reunification at an Arm’s Reach

Senior Group Documentary

  • Anthony Giunta, Jacob Ribotsky, Mahesh Pitchayan, Vedant Singh: Levittown
  • Adam Aldad and Frederick Lin: The 2007-2008 Financial Conflict: Compromisation of National and Financial Security

Senior Group Exhibit

  • Farah Hasan, Kristen Leong and Tiffany Jiao: The Berlin Wall: A Construction of Defeat

Senior Group Website

  • Dustin Wong and Kenton Wu: Nast v Tweed

Senior Individual Documentary

  • Ansh Jhaveri: A Conflict Between The Spread of Communism and Democratic Ideals
  • Brenden Resnick: Battle of Matewan

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • Rahul Ajmera: The 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike: A Successful Compromise

Senior Individual Website

  • Manan Shukla: The Conflict and Compromise between the People’s Liberties and the Government’s Role in Security

Senior Historical Paper

  • Camellia Ye: The Octopus, the CIA, and Bananas: The Red and Yellow Explosion in Guatemala
  • John Scudero: Compromising with Free Expression: A Conflict of Liberty and Security
  • Brittney Guerra: The National Socialist Party of America v. The Village of Skokie: Right to Free Speech

At the end of a long day of judging, Wheatley students took home a number of awards:

Senior Individual Exhibit, 1st Place

  • Rahul Ajmera: The 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike: A Successful Compromise

Junior Group Website, 2nd Place

  • Maia Cale and Janice Zeng: Women’s Road to Enlightenment Coeducation

Junior Group Documentary, 2nd Place

  • Lauren Hackett, Charlotte Iannone, Victoria Potrapeluk and Jaina Shah: Helen Hunt Jackson

Thanks to Mr. Eckers, we have a few photos from the event!

Wheatley Students Earn Accolades at NYSSEF!

On 19 March 2018, four Wheatley students earned accolades at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair (NYSSEF):

  • Emily Wang – 2nd Place in Environmental Engineering
  • Vani Kumar – 2nd Place in Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Rebecca Sparacio – 3rd Place in Plant Sciences
  • Vedant Singh – Honorable Mention in Biomedical Engineering

Emily Wang also received two special awards from The American Meteorological Society and from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award.  These awards recognized Emily’s project for excellence in environmental sustainability.

[Thanks to Alexis Pace, Secondary Chair for Science, for the photo and the write-up!]


Wheatley Students Succeed at LISEF!

On Thursday, 15 March 2018, 12 students attended the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF) held at Crest Hollow Country Club.  The students participating in the second round of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) division were:

  • Emily Wang – 2nd Place in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Vedant Singh – Honorable Mention in Biomedical Engineering
  • Rebecca Sparacio – Honorable Mention in Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Hitangee Jain – Honorable Mention in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • John Li – Honorable Mention in Engineering Mechanics

Emily Wang also received a special award from the Stockholm International Water Institute.  This recognition allows her to enter her project into the US division fair where she has the opportunity to represent the US at the international level.

Wheatley also had a number of students competing in the Junior Varsity Division of LISEF. These students included:

  • Viraj Jayam – 2nd place in Mathematics and Computers
  • Manan Shukla – Honorable Mention in Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Victor Li – Honorable Mention Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Karen Li – Honorable Mention in Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Emily Yagoda – Engineering and Physical Science
  • Brooke Schwartz – Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Kenton Wu – Cellular and Molecular Biology

It should be noted this was the first time the Wheatley School had students compete in the mathematics and computer division of LISEF.

We are proud of all of the students who participated in this prestigious competition. Those recognized as honorable mention and above represent the top 10% of their category.  Achieving at this level is an extraordinary achievement.

Thank you to Alexis Blondrage Pace (our Science Department Chair and Research Coordinator) for working with our students. Thanks to Robert Teseo for the group photo!

LISEF Group Photo