Ally, John and Saman Earn National Merit Finalist Status!

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation has advanced three Wheatley seniors as Finalists in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program. The seniors earning this prestigious honor are:

  • Aly Kim
  • John Li
  • Saman Suleman

As Finalists, the students have scored in the top one half of one percent of the more than 1.5 million juniors who entered the program by taking the PSAT last year.

By advancing to Finalist status, these students remain eligible for Merit Scholarship awards worth $34 million that will be offered this spring.

We congratulate the work of our Finalists!

Class of 2018 Entertains a Packed Crowd for Varsity Revue!

Last night, to a packed auditorium of classmates, family and friends, members of the Class of 2018 entertained us with the annual “Varsity Revue,” a fine blend of entertainment and satire. With skits that touched upon the uniqueness of their Wheatley experience—including their teacher quirks and the “just missed” moments of their class over the years—the students did a terrific job!

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for a wonderful production. Particular thanks to:

  • Megan Kirschner, Director
  • Rikki Gassman and Jason Manzano, Hosts
  • Bert Cumming, Ally Kim, Megan Kirschner and John Li, Class Officers
  • Sana Haroon, Ticketing
  • Ananya Bansal, Katie Clark, Costumes
  • Jamie Horowitz, Jamie Koenigsberg, Heather Kopp, PR
  • Michelle Raja, Set Design
  • Sana Haroon, Michelle Raja, Props
  • Bert Cumming, Aidan Pereira, Ilan Zarin, Lighting and Tech
  • Matthew and Michael Haig, Class Advisors

Wheatley Students Earn Recognition at the French Poetry Contest!

On Wednesday, 6 December, ten of our French students headed over to Hofstra University to compete in the annual Nassau Poetry Contest, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). Guided by our French teacher, Jean-François Henley, the students earned notable recognition for their outstanding French.

  • Emily Yagoda won distinction for her reading of her original poem Les leçons que j’ai apprises
  • Anya Chabria won distinction for her reading of her original poem La philosophie de l’avion
  • Sarah Hassan won 1st place (Level 2) for her reading of O triste, triste était mon âme by Paul Verlaine
  • Manav Bansal won 2nd place (Level 2) for his reading of Demain, dès l’aube by Victor Hugo
  • Adeel Anwar won 3rd place for his reading of Il pleure dans mon coeur by Paul Verlaine
  • Danielle Smichok won first place (Level 4, most advanced) for her reading of Quand tu dors by Jacques Prévert
  • Vani Kumar won 3rd place (Level 4, most advanced) for her reading of Paysage by Charles Baudelaire

Additional participants included: Robert Boubour, Zachary Schloss and Kate Seo.

Congratulations to all of the students, and thank you to Mr. Henley for the photo and information!




The WTC Production of “You Can’t Take it With You” Has Arrived!

Earlier this evening, the Wheatley Theatre Company (WTC) production of “You Can’t Take it With You” made its debut! This Pulitzer-prize winning comedy premiered on Broadway in 1936 to much fanfare.

This is a particularly special production, as it is a student-directed production!  Congratulations to Talia Rosen, a veteran WTC member, for her wonderful work as Director of the show. Additional student production was provided by:

  • Stephanie Clarfield (Stage Cast Manager)
  • Lucy Brancaccio and Rachel Fuzaylov (Assistant Directors)
  • Ethan Moreh (Stage Assistant)
  • Bert Cumming (Stage and Tech Crew Manager)
  • Joseph Feimer (Sound Design)
  • Pukhraj Kaur, Emma Pak, Astha Singh, Lucy Zha (Set Decoration)
  • Sariah Arroyo, Ananya Bansal, Avani Ramnarayan, Astha Singh, Lucy Zha (Costume Assistants)
  • Meghan Fraser, Sarah Hernandez, Ally Kim, Avani Ramnarayan (Hair and Makeup)
  • Sariah Arroyo, Catherine Zhang (Community Outreach)
  • Astha Singh, Catherine Zhang (Props)
  • Hitangee Jain, Lucy Zha (Ticket Sales)
  • Cyrus Alagheband, Megan Chau, Bert Cumming, Brian Cumming, Joseph Feimer, William Katelansky, Kristen Leong, Thomas Messemer, Aidan Pereira, Gregory Seoylemenezian, Joshua Solemani, Matthew Temkin, Michael Vittucci, Nicholas Xie, Ilan Zarin (Stage Crew)

The wonderful cast included:

  • Sydney Behar
  • Hallie ArbitalJacoby
  • Kimberly Esquillin
  • Jason Manzano
  • Rahul Ajmera
  • Devyn Bennett
  • Jacob Kaufman
  • Justin Vega
  • Alexandra Kasparian
  • Pricilla Prasad
  • Emma Melnikov
  • Caroline Crimmins
  • Skylar Blechner
  • Kaileigh Fiorello
  • Jeffrey Melnikov
  • Alison Amarain
  • Shruti Goyal
  • Ethan Moreh
  • Emma Leng

Thank you to Andrew Ardito for his guidance as the WTC Advisor. Thank you as well to Scott Eckers, Thomas Storck and Paul Chisholm for their work as the Technical Advisors and Set Designers. Finally, thank you to Maura Calio for her work as Costume Designer!

You can view some recent articles from local papers here:

Vedant Singh is a Siemens Competition Regional Finalist!

Yesterday, Vedant Singh (Class of 2019) was named a Semifinalist in the 2017 Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology. (You can see the Newsday article through this link: Siemens Semifinalist Oct2017_Newsday.)

Today, Vedant was informed that he moved on to the next level of the competition, earning recognition as a Regional Finalist! Vedant was one of 101 students across the United States who was recognized with this honor; he was one of 11 in Long Island to earn this prestigious recognition!

You can read the Newsday cover article about Long Island’s Regional Finalists through this link: Siemens Regional Finalists Oct2017_Newsday

This year more than 1800 projects were submitted, an all-time high.  Vedant researched at Stony Brook University where he was a fellow at the Garcia Research Program under the direction of Dr. Miriam Rafailovich.

The title of Vedant’s project is: Evaluating the Effects of Graphene-Loaded Poly (4-vinylpyridine) Electrospun Fiber Scaffolds and Spun-cast Thin Films on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells in vitro.

Congratulations to Vedant!

[Thanks to Ms. Pace for the write-up!]

Vedant is Siemens Regional Finalist