Wheatley Students Win Recognition at French Poetry Competition!

Five Wheatley students were rewarded for their outstanding performances at the French Poetry Competition on Wednesday, 29 March at The Portledge School in Locust Valley.

Freshman Emily Yagoda and sophomore Zachary Schloss both won first place for their recitations in their respective categories.  Emily chose to recite, “Unsaid” by Aliette Audra.  Zachary’s poem was “Correspondences” by Charles Baudelaire. 

Junior Vani Kumar won first place distinction in the upper level category for her recitation of “L’automne” by Alphonse de Lamartine.

Michelle Raja received the second place award for her recitation on “Hymne à la Beauté” also by Charles Baudelaire.

Eighth grader Manav Bansal won second place in the novice category for his recitation of “Le Cancre” by Jacques Prévert.

Wheatley French teacher J.F. Henley stated:

It is very rewarding to see the students take such an interest in poetry and apply that interest and enthusiasm to a setting such as this interscholastic competition.

This annual event is sponsored by the Nassau County Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French and is attended by students throughout the county.  Félicitations!

[Thanks to Susan Checkla for the photo.]

French Poetry 1

Vani, Michelle, Emily, Manan and Zachary

World Language Honor Societies Induct 48 Wheatley Students!

Earlier this evening, 48 Wheatley students were inducted into the three national language honor societies: La Société Honoraire de Français, La Società Onoraria Italica and La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. The purpose of these organizations is to stimulate interest in the study of these languages, to give recognition to scholarship and achievement in these languages and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the cultures and civilizations of the people who speak these languages.

In order to be eligible for induction into Wheatley’s chapters, students are required to maintain an average of at least A- for two consecutive years plus the first semester leading up to the induction ceremony. These initiates have also demonstrated interest in using the language beyond the classroom through their participation in local and national competitions, language clubs or travel experiences.

Over the course of the evening, Caroline Crimmins (Class of 2018) eloquently reflected on her Wheatley Foreign Language Experience, Vani Kumar (Class of 2018) recited “L’automne” by Charles Baudelaire, Eva Suppa recited “La Madre” by Alphonse de Lamartine, Adeel Anwar (Class of 2018) recited “Ritratto della mia bambina” by Umberto Saba,  Cecilia Jozef (Class of 2019) recited “Memoria” by Natalia Ginzburg and Kimberly Esquilín recited “La amistad,” a poem written by her grandfather.

The following students were inducted into the Société Honoraire de Français:

  • Charlotte Goldbaum
  • Kristen Leong
  • Jessica Nussdorf
  • Pricilla Prasad
  • Jamie Ryan
  • Danielle Smichok

The following students were inducted into the Società Onoraria Italica

  • Adeel Anwar
  • Paige Barrett
  • Anthony DiFiore
  • Cecilia Jozef
  • Amanda Molstad
  • Mahesh Pitchayan
  • Camellia Ye

The following students were inducted into the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

  • Dina Aldad
  • Karan Amin
  • Tiffany Bernot
  • Julia Braito
  • Nicole Bruder
  • Nicole Buchheim
  • Megan Chau
  • Sarah Chimerine
  • Antony Deluxe
  • Lauren Druz
  • Sofia Fuertes
  • Sofia Greenfield
  • Brittney Guerra
  • Andrew Gullotta
  • Jonathan Hahami
  • Farah Hasan
  • Tiffany Jiao
  • Amanda Kim
  • Eva LaMonica
  • Lucas Miller
  • Ciara O’Brien
  • Aidan Pereira
  • Summer Puricelli
  • Samantha Rothstein
  • Brooke Schwartz
  • John Scudero
  • Manan Shukla
  • Angela Signorile
  • Joanna Signorile
  • Vedant Singh
  • Andrew Sivin
  • John Tretolo
  • Dustin Wong
  • Brandon Zhu
  • Mara Zuckerman

Congratulations to all of the inductees, and a huge “Thank You” to the World Language teachers who helped them achieve this milestone: Mrs. Joan Anderson (Department Chair), Mr. Jean-François Henley, Mrs. Julie Jacobson, Mrs. Mary Martinez, Mrs. Pilar Príncipe-Franco, Mr. Angel Rivero and Mrs. Susan Vasselman.

Varsity Revue 2017 Entertains a Packed Auditorium!

There was never any doubt, was there?

When it looked like they were facing long odds, members of the Class of 2017 gathered themselves together and managed to write, rehearse and put on a wonderful Varsity Revue to a packed auditorium on Saturday evening. Through a large assortment of skits, members of the class gently poked fun at themselves, their teachers and their school. Infused with performances by our Varsity Dance Team and our Cheer Team — not to mention the combined Boys/Girls Dance Team — the evening was entertaining for all!

Hosted by seniors Laura D’Angelo and Antonio Deodata, skits included the following members of the Class of 2017:

  • Maya Alfia
  • Zachary Calabrese
  • Michael Contrastano
  • Jakob Gilbert
  • Lianna Golden
  • Zachary Groveman
  • Gretchen Keller
  • Jane Kim
  • Allie LaMonica
  • James McPhillips
  • Dylan Nektalov
  • Liz Nolan
  • Jax Nussbaum
  • Brianna O’Brien
  • Sumu Pitchayan
  • Matt Porges
  • Sara Zulfiqar

Congratulations to all of the performers, and thanks to the Class Advisors (Julia Cashman and Peter Crisci) for all of their work with the students! (Congratulations as well to Maya Alfia, who won two free prom tickets at the end of the show!)

The video presented during the evening can be found through this link:

Brandon Zhu Shines in NYML Competition!

On Tuesday, October 18th, Wheatley students competed in the first New York Math League  (NYML) contest of the 2016 school year. We had over 100 students from Wheatley turn out for this contest.  The contest consists of 6 questions that cover a variety of different mathematical skills and problem solving techniques.

Wheatley’s top scorer was Brandon Zhu, a 10th grade student, with a perfect 6 out of 6!  The top 5 scorers for each contest get reported to the Math League and the top scorer from each school receives recognition at the end of the school year.

This contest is a mathematically enriching activity offered to students school-wide one Tuesday per month after school.  We encourage all students who want to challenge themselves to think outside of the box to participate in this contest.

[Thanks to Julia Cashman and Robert Teseo for the write-up!]

“The Arabian Nights” is Not to be Missed!



The Wheatley Theatre Company’s fall production, Mary Zimmerman’s The Arabian Nights, made its premier earlier this evening to an appreciative audience. The show weaves together laughs, suspense and song through a delightful collection of stories.

If you missed Thursday’s show, please know there is still time to see The Arabian Nights. Tickets are available for Friday night’s performance and Saturday night’s performance (both at 7:00 pm). Tickets are $10.00 with complimentary tickets for our senior citizens. You can purchase tickets online at http://wheatleytheater.weebly.com or you can simply show up at the door!

You can read a preview of the show through this link: The WTC Production of “The Arabian Nights” is Coming to Wheatley!

The director of the show is Mr. Andrew Ardito.

The cast is as follows: Rahul Ajmera, Hallie ArbitalJacoby, Ariana Arralde, Sydney Behar, Devyn Bennett, Skylar Blechner, Kimberly Esquilin, Lianna Golden, Max Hochstein, Alex Kasparian, Jacob Kaufman, Jason Manzano, Emma Melnikov, Elan Mizhiritsky, Elizabeth Nolan, Pricilla Prasad, Justin Vega and Angela Yang. 

Assistant Director: Talia Rosen

Stage Manager: Rachel Fuzaylov

Assistant Stage Manager: Ethan Moreh

Costume Manager: Maura Calio

Stage Crew Managers: Bert Cumming, Joseph Feimer

Stage Crew: Megan Chau, Brian Cumming, Ilan Zarin

Technical Advisors and Set Design: Paul Chisholm and Thomas Storck

Thanks to Susan Checkla for the dress rehearsal photos!