The WTC Production of “You Can’t Take it With You” Has Arrived!

Earlier this evening, the Wheatley Theatre Company (WTC) production of “You Can’t Take it With You” made its debut! This Pulitzer-prize winning comedy premiered on Broadway in 1936 to much fanfare.

This is a particularly special production, as it is a student-directed production!  Congratulations to Talia Rosen, a veteran WTC member, for her wonderful work as Director of the show. Additional student production was provided by:

  • Stephanie Clarfield (Stage Cast Manager)
  • Lucy Brancaccio and Rachel Fuzaylov (Assistant Directors)
  • Ethan Moreh (Stage Assistant)
  • Bert Cumming (Stage and Tech Crew Manager)
  • Joseph Feimer (Sound Design)
  • Pukhraj Kaur, Emma Pak, Astha Singh, Lucy Zha (Set Decoration)
  • Sariah Arroyo, Ananya Bansal, Avani Ramnarayan, Astha Singh, Lucy Zha (Costume Assistants)
  • Meghan Fraser, Sarah Hernandez, Ally Kim, Avani Ramnarayan (Hair and Makeup)
  • Sariah Arroyo, Catherine Zhang (Community Outreach)
  • Astha Singh, Catherine Zhang (Props)
  • Hitangee Jain, Lucy Zha (Ticket Sales)
  • Cyrus Alagheband, Megan Chau, Bert Cumming, Brian Cumming, Joseph Feimer, William Katelansky, Kristen Leong, Thomas Messemer, Aidan Pereira, Gregory Seoylemenezian, Joshua Solemani, Matthew Temkin, Michael Vittucci, Nicholas Xie, Ilan Zarin (Stage Crew)

The wonderful cast included:

  • Sydney Behar
  • Hallie ArbitalJacoby
  • Kimberly Esquillin
  • Jason Manzano
  • Rahul Ajmera
  • Devyn Bennett
  • Jacob Kaufman
  • Justin Vega
  • Alexandra Kasparian
  • Pricilla Prasad
  • Emma Melnikov
  • Caroline Crimmins
  • Skylar Blechner
  • Kaileigh Fiorello
  • Jeffrey Melnikov
  • Alison Amarain
  • Shruti Goyal
  • Ethan Moreh
  • Emma Leng

Thank you to Andrew Ardito for his guidance as the WTC Advisor. Thank you as well to Scott Eckers, Thomas Storck and Paul Chisholm for their work as the Technical Advisors and Set Designers. Finally, thank you to Maura Calio for her work as Costume Designer!

You can view some recent articles from local papers here:

DECA Students Kick off the Competition Season!

On Friday, 27 October, members of our DECA club participated in a competition at Plainview-Old Bethpage High School. The competition was represented by many public high schools in Nassau County. Students had the opportunity to listen to a keynote address (given by a successful local entrepreneur), participate in leadership activities, and compete against other schools in developing a creative and successful business plan.

Led by DECA Advisor Joseph Virgilio, the following students participated in the competition:

  • Matt Baltzer
  • Jason Bergstein
  • Brett Bloomberg
  • Jona Chorost
  • Tony DeLuxe
  • Evan Gitlitz
  • Zach Jacobs
  • Coby Khami
  • Lex Wain
  • Summer Puricelli
  • Jacob Ribotsky
  • Manan Shukla
  • Caleb Varghese

For their French Cuisine/Soup Kitchen restaurant model, the team consisting of Matt Baltzer, Jason Bergstein and Lex Wain placed 5th out of 27 teams! Congratulations to all of the members!

[Thanks to Joseph Virgilio for the write-up and some of the photos!]

Wheatley’s EAC Takes a Trip on the Nissequogue!

Last Saturday, 21 October, Wheatley’s Environmental Action Committee (EAC) took its annual Autumn canoe trip.  Mr. Finkelstein and Mr. Paulson led 17 students (grades 8-12) on this wonderful journey.  This year, like most, we spent over three hours on the Nissequogue River.  Starting in Nissequogue River State Park where the mouth of the river meets the Long Island Sound, our members paddled with the incoming tide six miles upstream to the headwaters of the River near the famous Smithtown Bull.

In addition to nearly 80 degree sunny blue skies, students enjoyed a variety of flora and fauna—not to mention the incredible fall foliage to enjoy.  They also saw some wild cranberries floating in the river (Long Island was one of the world’s largest producer of cranberries before Ocean Spray took over in Massachusetts).

Some of the birds observed included:

  • great blue herons
  • American egrets
  • cormorants
  • yellow legs
  • belted kingfishers
  • red-tailed hawk
  • an immature bald eagle (a first since starting these trips 25 years ago!!)

The sighting of the bald eagle is a great sign.  In fact, they are now nesting at 6 or 7 locations on Long Island—a testament to the efficacy of the Endangered Species Act.

An informative and fun time was had by all!

Thank you to Steve Finkelstein for the write-up! Thank you to Steve Finkelstein and DJ Paulson for the photos!

#Homecoming2017 Brings the Community Together Around Sports, Food, Games and Fundraising!

Our Homecoming Celebration was a terrific blend of sports, entertainment, food, games and even some fundraising! At Wheatley, Homecoming kicked off with our Pep Rally on Friday afternoon. Organized by our Student Senate, the Pep Rally featured our incredible Jazz Band (under the direction of Steve Fitzko), the introduction of our Fall teams by Student Senate members, and a Teacher v. Student “Pie in the Face” challenge that raised over $8,200 for Puerto Rican relief! You can see some photos and videos of the wonderful Pep Rally at #Homecoming2017 Kicks off with a Pep Rally and a Fundraiser!

After the Pep Rally, our Tri-M Music Honor Society presented “Rocktoberfest” for the community, a combination of music, seasonal activities and wonderful food! You can see some photos from this new event at Tri-M’s “Rocktoberfest” Celebrates Music and the Season!

On a lovely Saturday morning and afternoon, Wheatley volleyball and soccer teams competed. As the athletes were competing, community members enjoyed a wonderful International Food Court, DJ music and some bouncy houses!