Wheatley’s Intercultural Unity Assembly a Celebration for All!

A longstanding tradition at Wheatley has been our ICU Assembly and Luncheon on the final day of school before the December recess. On this day, a double period assembly is dedicated to a talent showcase and fashion show that celebrates our many cultures and communities—all organized by our Intercultural Unity Club (ICU).

Described by some as “the best day of the year,” the ICU assembly is truly a showcase of our many student talents. Through music and dance performances, students use the ICU Assembly to celebrate the diverse cultures within our community as a way of bringing us closer together.  After the assembly, students eat food (prepared by our community families) from across many cultures. Leftover food is brought to the INN at the end of the day.

Many thanks to our ICU Advisor, Steven Fitzko, for his work with the students in bringing this day to our community!

Here are some short videos of some of the performances. 

Wheatley’s Winter Concert (Part 2) Celebrates the Season!

On Tuesday evening, our Winter Concert (Part 2) featured delightful performances from the following performance groups: Stage Band (directed by Peggy Ho), Jazz Band (directed by Steve Fitzko), Intermediate Chorus (directed by Angela Luftig and accompanied by Rick Wilson), Intermediate/Concert Band (directed by Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky) and our Symphonic Band (directed by Peggy Ho).

We are grateful for the dedication of our music teachers, Angela Luftig, Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky — as well as our “adjunct” music teachers, Rick Wilson and Steve Fitzko!

Honors String Ensemble Performs at Old Westbury Gardens!

In what has become a delightful seasonal tradition, our Honors String Ensemble (directed by Angela Luftig) performed at Old Westbury Gardens on a wintery Friday morning. Performing a collection of seasonal tunes as well as classical pieces, the student musicians lifted the spirits of everyone in attendance! We are grateful for the work of Ms. Luftig in preparing our musicians for this wonderful concert!


On a Cold Winter Night, Wheatley’s Winter Concert (Part 1) Warms the Soul!

Earlier this evening, the first of our two Winter Concerts took place in the Wheatley Auditorium. The concert program included the following groups:

  • Intermediate Orchestra (Angela Luftig, Director)
  • Concert Orchestra (Stan Orlovsky, Director)
  • Chorale (Angela Luftig, Director; Rick Wilson, accompanist)
  • Honors String Ensemble (Angela Luftig, Director)
  • Symphonic Orchestra (Stan Orlovsky, Director)

We are thankful for the wonderful work of our faculty, the incredible efforts of our students and the terrific support of our community!


Hallie ArbitalJacoby is the Newest Wheatley Idol!

On Friday night, the Wheatley auditorium was packed with spectators enjoying the 13th edition of Tri-M’s Wheatley Idol! Hosted by Michaela Balboni and Saman Suleman, the evening featured performances from ten competitors. From these ten initial competitors, three finalists were selected by our “celebrity” judges: Mr. Eckers, Ms. Seferian and Mr. Wilson. These three finalists then performed another song and the winner was selected by audience vote.

This year’s ten competitors were:

Grace McPhillips (11th Grade)

Kavina Amin (10th Grade)

Shruti Goyal (9th Grade)

Gabriella Zucker, Accompanied by Grace McPhillips (11th Grade)

Brianna Werney (9th Grade)

Jaime Behar (8th Grade)

Michelle Porter (11th Grade)

Tessa Karikas, accompanied by Nicole Hetzel (both 12th Grade)

Emma Melnikov (9th Grade)

Hallie ArbitalJacoby (12th Grade)


From these ten initial competitors, the three finalists selected were: Tessa Karikas, Emma Melnikov and Hallie ArbitalJacoby! Each of these finalists performed another song for the audience.

Tessa Karikas (with Nicole Hetzel), Round 2

Hallie ArbitalJacoby (Round 2)

Emma Melnikov (Round 2)

After these three performances, the audience voted. While the votes were being tallied, last year’s Wheatley Idol, Kaileigh Fiorillo, dazzled the audience with her renditio of “Burn” from Hamilton:


When the vote count came in, Hallie ArbitalJacoby was declared the winner of Wheatley Idol XIII! She performed one more song for the audience:

Thank you to our Tri-M students and our Tri-M Advisor (Angela Luftig) for all of their work putting together this wonderful evening!

Here are some photos from the event!