Megan, Nicole and Ceci (aka, Spectrum) win Wheatley’s Got Talent!

This year’s fifth annual Wheatley’s Got Talent competition took place on Monday night, the fist day of #Showdown2018.

The evening showcased the wonderful talents of our impressive student body. Organized by Wheatley’s Tri-M Music Honor Society and hosted by seniors Ally Wang and Ann Yan, the evening was an entertaining exhibition of the myriad of student talents in our school!

With the assistance of our five Class Advisor judges (Mr. Haig, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Roberts, and Mr. Paulson), six performance acts were evaluated, with three finalists performing a second time — with the winner being determined by the audience vote.

The competitors were:

  • Adeel Anwar (Electric Violin)
  • Megan Kirschner, Nicole Hetzel and Cecilia Jozef (aka, “Spectrum”) (Band)
  • Alyssa Belle (Guitar)
  • Bert Cumming and Matt Baltzer (rap/vocals)
  • Hannah Weinberg and Cydney Siskind (vocals)
  • Dan Fox, Mahesh Pitchayan, Billy Cafarelli, Max Hochstein and Mike Roudbai (aka, “The Moondogs”)

Based on the judge’s decision, the following acts advanced to the second round:

    • Megan Kirschner, Nicole Hetzel and Cecilia Jozef (aka, “Spectrum”) (Band)
    • Alyssa Belle (Guitar)
    • Dan Fox, Mahesh Pitchayan, Billy Cafarelli, Max Hochstein and Mike Roudbai (aka, “The Moondogs”)


At the end of the evening, Spectrum was declared winner of this year’s Wheatley’s Got Talent! Congratulations to Megan, Nicole and Ceci, who earned 25% of the ticket sales for the Class of 2018 and 2019! Finally, a huge “Thank You” to Angela Luftig and our Tri-M Music Honor Society for organizing this wonderful event!

[Thank you to Kavina Amin for some of the photos!]




The Show Must Go On! The WTC’s “Into the Woods” Overcomes Obstacles!

A powerful nor’easter on Friday created some obstacles for the Wheatley Theatre Company’s production of “Into the Woods.” With approximately five minutes remaining in the first act, the power was lost at Wheatley. Although emergency generators kicked in, they were not enough to power the lights and sound system being used for the show. As a result, the second act of the show was canceled.

When Saturday rolled around, the extent of the damage to the community became clear. PSEG Long Island reported over 128,000 homes without service. With a luncheon and two shows planned for Saturday, dramatic measures were necessary to ensure that the show could go on! Thanks to the efforts of our Director of Facilities (Nick Fusco), as well as our building custodial staff (Scott Behnke, Juan Gonzalez and Mark Gaeta), we were able to make all necessary adjustments to ensure the luncheon and shows would continue. With the support of the East Williston Fire Department Chief Patrick Theodore and members Kevin O’Donnell and Bobby Schoen—all three Wheatley graduates—the events could continue in a safe manner for everyone!

You can view the program through this link: Into The Woods Program

Here are some photos and videos of Friday’s production (before the lights went out)!


Wheatley Theatre Company’s Production of “Into The Woods” Is a Must See!

Last night, the Wheatley Theatre Company’s production of “Into the Woods” debuted to an enthusiastic audience! Combining several beloved fairy tale characters and music that tells the story of a childless couple’s quest to start a family.

The Wheatley Theatre Compay’s production is directed by Andrew Ardito. Additional support included:

  • Vocal Direction: Angela Luftig
  • Dance Captains: Ananya Bansal and Shruti Goyal
  • Stage Manager: Stephanie Clarfield
  • Assistant Directors: Lucy Brancaccio and Rachel Fuzaylov
  • Stage Assistants: Ethan Moreh and Talia Rosen
  • Costume Designer: Maura Calio
  • Set Design: Paul Chisholm and Tom Storck
  • Light and Sound Design: Scott Eckers

You can view the full program through this link: Into The Woods Program

You can view a Mineola American article about the production through this link: Into the Woods_Mineola American 2Mar18

You can purchase tickets to Friday’s show (7:00 pm) and Saturday’s shows (2:00 pm and 7:00 pm) through this link:

Mr. Eckers shared the following photos from the final dress rehearsal:

Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island Joint Concert a Celebration of Music!

On Wednesday evening, Wheatley students and East Williston music faculty partnered with the professional musicians from the Orchestra Long Island (formerly the Long Island Symphony) to present a lovely evening of music and entertainment. As part of this program, the professional musicians provided several group tutoring sessions to students who were participating in this joint concert, leading into a full rehearsal the afternoon of the concert. It is an inspirational evening for all involved!

A wonderful evening such as this takes place through the support of our Board of Education, Nassau BOCES and the Orchestra Long Island. A special “Thank You” to our very own Angela Luftig for her coordination of this event!

Thank you to Island Photography for the wonderful photos!