Wheatley Theatre Company’s Production of “Into The Woods” Is a Must See!

Last night, the Wheatley Theatre Company’s production of “Into the Woods” debuted to an enthusiastic audience! Combining several beloved fairy tale characters and music that tells the story of a childless couple’s quest to start a family.

The Wheatley Theatre Compay’s production is directed by Andrew Ardito. Additional support included:

  • Vocal Direction: Angela Luftig
  • Dance Captains: Ananya Bansal and Shruti Goyal
  • Stage Manager: Stephanie Clarfield
  • Assistant Directors: Lucy Brancaccio and Rachel Fuzaylov
  • Stage Assistants: Ethan Moreh and Talia Rosen
  • Costume Designer: Maura Calio
  • Set Design: Paul Chisholm and Tom Storck
  • Light and Sound Design: Scott Eckers

You can view the full program through this link: Into The Woods Program

You can view a Mineola American article about the production through this link: Into the Woods_Mineola American 2Mar18

You can purchase tickets to Friday’s show (7:00 pm) and Saturday’s shows (2:00 pm and 7:00 pm) through this link: https://goo.gl/ZkaA0Y

Mr. Eckers shared the following photos from the final dress rehearsal:

Wheatley Wildcat Scores Big at Adelphi Press Day!

On Wednesday, 28 February, 9 students representing the editorial staff of The Wheatley Wildcat attended Press Day at Adelphi. Students were accompanied by Mrs. Jo Beth Roberts, our librarian and newspaper advisor. This annual event is an opportunity for High School students to learn more about Journalism, culminating with the Quill awards for outstanding work in the field by High School newspapers.

Wheatley’s Wildcat newspaper has won multiple awards over the years, but this year the format of the newspaper moved to an entirely online environment, which in turn created new challenges and opportunities. The staff of The Wildcat, led by Editors-In -Chief Karan Amin and Mara Zuckerman, are able to write articles and publish expediently, which makes the student paper more exciting and timely.

Adelphi began the event with a presentation about “Fake News” history and impact, followed by a panel discussion with journalism professors, magazine writers and publishers. The students then went to breakout sessions to discuss how the news and the structure of a school setting impact their own reporting.

The highlight of the day is the presentation of the Quill Awards, featuring 15 categories. Each school may enter up to six categories. The Wildcat entered the following categories:

  • Best Online Newspaper: Karen Amin & Mara Zukerman, Eds. in Chief
  • Most Outstanding Reporter: Camellia Yi
  • Best Arts Review: Jacob Ribotsky
  • Best Opinion Piece: Kenton Wu
  • Best Feature: Abhishek Kumar

The staff was nervous as it was the first year that the paper was written exclusively online. The students were thrilled when it was announced that the Wildcat had been recognized with 2nd place for Best Online Newspaper.

The students probably should also have received an award for most creative; after lunch Kenton and Abhishek collected empty lunch boxes from all the students and created an impressive tower, much to the delight of all in attendance.

Read The Wildcat online at https://wheatleywildcat.org/

Congratulations to the students! Thanks to Mrs. Roberts for the write-up and photos!

John Li Named a Regeneron Scholar!

On 9 January, Wheatley Senior John Li was named a scholar in the 2018 Regeneron Science Talent Search!

In 2017, Regeneron became only the third sponsor (after Westinghouse and Intel) of the Science Talent Search, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. As part of its 10-year, $100 million commitment, Regeneron nearly doubled the overall award distribution to $3.1 million annually to better reward the best and brightest young minds. Founded and led by two Science Talent Search alumni, Regeneron recognizes and prioritizes the need to inspire more young people to engage in science.

The 300 Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars were selected from 1,818 applicants from 555 high schools in 45 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico and six American and international high schools overseas.  The scholars were selected based on their exceptional research skills, commitment to academics, innovative thinking and promise as scientists.

John’s project, “Three Efficient Inventions That Work Together to Reduce the Time and Cost of Automobile Transmission Fluid and Filter Changes by 3/4th,” looked at streamlining the current procedures for changing transmission fluid and filters.  The proposed three inventions work in conjunction to reduce cost and time for not only the consumer but the automobile industries as well.

John’s project summary is as follows:

Transmission fluid and filter changes usually cost greater than two hundred dollars and require an hour. Inefficient design makes these common maintenance procedures expensive and slow because of many unnecessary steps. Car owners have to wait a long time for maintenance and also pay high labor costs. These problems are solved by a combination of three inventions that are very simple for car manufacturers to adopt. The three inventions work together to make transmission fluid and filter changes fast, inexpensive, and mess-free. It is estimated that transmission fluid and filter changes will only cost 55 dollars and require 12 minutes, resulting in a 3/4th reduction in time and cost for car owners.

On January 23, 40 of the 300 scholars will be named Regeneron Science Talent Search finalists.

You can read Newsday’s coverage of Long Island’s scholars through this link: Regeneron Scholars_Newsday_10Jan18

Congratulations John!


Wheatley’s Huda Ayaz Fifth Book is Published!

In November, Wheatley 9th Grader Huda Ayaz presented me with a signed copy of her most recently-published book! Huda and her family joined Wheatley this past summer, and we are thrilled to have them as part of our learning community. Huda is the published author of five books: the first four books of the Freeze-land series and the fifth, most recent book, Angie Moon and the Legends.

Freeze-land, a fantasy series for children, revolves around a girl named Samantha who goes to a secret planet and tries to save it from an evil man who is trying to make the world sad and dark.

Angie Moon and the Legends is a YA science fiction novel about a half Loch Ness Monster named Angie who must fight against time and rescue her missing friends. Huda is currently working on the sequel to Angie Moon and the Legends.

Huda’s younger sister, Maliha, is also a published author! Maliha wrote the fiction children’s novel The Heart of Time, centered around Amber’s search for a necklace that can help ghosts move on from an in-between world and into the afterlives. Finally, Huda and Maliha’s older sister, Sadaf, has also published a YA mystery novel called Crossing Red Lights! You can find out more about these three remarkable sisters at www.ayazsisters.com


WSTV is Back on the Air!

Each morning, a group of students under the guidance of Technology teacher Patrick Hurley prepare and deliver a four-minute live broadcast of the day’s news and activities. The live broadcast originates in the WSTV studio. Using multiple cameras and live blue screen technology, the students prepare, edit, and deliver the news on their own.

Students who prepare this daily broadcast are enrolled in the Fundamentals of Film Production and Editing course.

Here are some behind the scenes footage from the rehearsal for this morning’s broadcast:

Nick Tagios Named by Newsday as a Top 50 Long Island Boys Soccer Player!

Junior Nick Tagios is a three-year varsity player for the Wildcats Soccer Team, helping to lead them to the Nassau County Championship game last year while also being named an All-State Soccer player. Last week, Nick was named by Newsday as one of Long Island’s top 50 Boys soccer players.

You can view the article through this link: https://goo.gl/oWiyK8

You can download a PDF of the article through this link: Top 50 Long Island boys soccer players for 2017

Congratulations to Nick! Go Wildcats!

Vani Kumar Published in Online International Magazine!

Wheatley Junior Vani Kumar is one of our extraordinary science research students. In the spring, she had an article published in The Epoch Herald, a new online international magazine (of which she is the Chief of Editing).

Vani’s article was entitled “CRISPR- The Little Known Technology Which Will Change the Future of Humanity” and was based on her science research work. The magazine article is quite approachable, so please take a moment to read it here: http://wp.me/p7Mlzz-Ro

Congratulations to Vani and thanks to our Science Research Coordinator, Alexis Blondrage, for her support of all of our research students.