Student Trip to Italy a Wonderful Success!

Just before the start of the April Recess, 14 Wheatley students and 3 faculty chaperones departed for a 10-day adventure in Sicily. The trip was a wonderful success, with highlights including the following:

Mrs. Vasselman shared some wonderful photos of the trip. Additionally, Jason Manzano (Class of 2018) created a video of the trip.

World Language Honor Societies Induct 48 Wheatley Students!

Earlier this evening, 48 Wheatley students were inducted into the three national language honor societies: La Société Honoraire de Français, La Società Onoraria Italica and La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. The purpose of these organizations is to stimulate interest in the study of these languages, to give recognition to scholarship and achievement in these languages and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the cultures and civilizations of the people who speak these languages.

In order to be eligible for induction into Wheatley’s chapters, students are required to maintain an average of at least A- for two consecutive years plus the first semester leading up to the induction ceremony. These initiates have also demonstrated interest in using the language beyond the classroom through their participation in local and national competitions, language clubs or travel experiences.

Over the course of the evening, Caroline Crimmins (Class of 2018) eloquently reflected on her Wheatley Foreign Language Experience, Vani Kumar (Class of 2018) recited “L’automne” by Charles Baudelaire, Eva Suppa recited “La Madre” by Alphonse de Lamartine, Adeel Anwar (Class of 2018) recited “Ritratto della mia bambina” by Umberto Saba,  Cecilia Jozef (Class of 2019) recited “Memoria” by Natalia Ginzburg and Kimberly Esquilín recited “La amistad,” a poem written by her grandfather.

The following students were inducted into the Société Honoraire de Français:

  • Charlotte Goldbaum
  • Kristen Leong
  • Jessica Nussdorf
  • Pricilla Prasad
  • Jamie Ryan
  • Danielle Smichok

The following students were inducted into the Società Onoraria Italica

  • Adeel Anwar
  • Paige Barrett
  • Anthony DiFiore
  • Cecilia Jozef
  • Amanda Molstad
  • Mahesh Pitchayan
  • Camellia Ye

The following students were inducted into the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

  • Dina Aldad
  • Karan Amin
  • Tiffany Bernot
  • Julia Braito
  • Nicole Bruder
  • Nicole Buchheim
  • Megan Chau
  • Sarah Chimerine
  • Antony Deluxe
  • Lauren Druz
  • Sofia Fuertes
  • Sofia Greenfield
  • Brittney Guerra
  • Andrew Gullotta
  • Jonathan Hahami
  • Farah Hasan
  • Tiffany Jiao
  • Amanda Kim
  • Eva LaMonica
  • Lucas Miller
  • Ciara O’Brien
  • Aidan Pereira
  • Summer Puricelli
  • Samantha Rothstein
  • Brooke Schwartz
  • John Scudero
  • Manan Shukla
  • Angela Signorile
  • Joanna Signorile
  • Vedant Singh
  • Andrew Sivin
  • John Tretolo
  • Dustin Wong
  • Brandon Zhu
  • Mara Zuckerman

Congratulations to all of the inductees, and a huge “Thank You” to the World Language teachers who helped them achieve this milestone: Mrs. Joan Anderson (Department Chair), Mr. Jean-François Henley, Mrs. Julie Jacobson, Mrs. Mary Martinez, Mrs. Pilar Príncipe-Franco, Mr. Angel Rivero and Mrs. Susan Vasselman.

Student Travelers Depart for Italy!

Earlier this evening, 14 Wheatley students departed the school for JFK Airport in order to begin their ten day adventure in Italy! Led by faculty members Susan Vasselman, Michelle Gross and Rosa Chiarenza, these students will arrive in Palermo and spend their time traveling about Sicily, enjoying this island’s sites and history!

Safe travels to our students:

  • Salvatore Anteri
  • Anthony DiFiore
  • Rikki Gassman
  • Nicole Hetzel
  • Andrew Khafif
  • Antonio Liparoto
  • Jason Manzano
  • Lucas Matt
  • Nicholas Monachelli
  • Nicholas Chiodi
  • Olalekan Oshodi
  • Giavanna Papavero
  • Mahesh Pitchayan
  • Eva Suppa

Stay tuned for more information as we get news from our travelers!


EWSD Senior Citizens Treated to Lunch and a Wonderful Show!

On Saturday afternoon, nearly 100 of our community Senior Citizens enjoyed a wonderful luncheon followed by a special matinee production of Xanadu: The Musical! This annual tradition was organized and supported by the efforts of the following staff:

  • Linda Leff
  • Allison Chanin-Bermudez
  • Joan Anderson
  • Diane Fezza
  • Barbara Klein
  • Karen Love

Additionally, a number of students volunteered their time to serve the community members, including:

  • Rachel Fuzaylov
  • Diana Lee
  • Mary Ma
  • Ethan Moreh
  • Sumu Pitchayan
  • Jessica Poomkudy
  • Jesse Romano
  • Cooper Tanenhaus
  • Alice Ye

During the luncheon, members of the cas spent time intermingling with the attendees.

Thanks to Linda Leff for the photos of this wonderful event!



Italian Club Students Enjoy Little Italy of the Bronx!

Last Friday, 6 January, our Italian Club students spent a lovely afternoon visiting the Little Italy in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue.  Their first stop was a gift shop that sold all authentic realia from Italy ranging from sport scarves, cards, t-shirts and jerseys.  Then students shopped for really good Italian food at places such as:

  • Borgatti’s Ravioli and Egg Noodles (where they bought fresh pasta that cannot be found in a regular supermarket)
  • La Casa della Mozzarella (where the owner gave us all fresh samples of Buffalo mozzarella — thanks to Joseph Doria for making that happen!)
  • Arthur Avenue Retail market (which is an indoor market that sells several Italian specialties)

Students also visited the famous bakeries in the area, including, Egidio Pastry Shop, Delillo Pastry Shop and Terranova Bakery. These visits permitted the students to bring home desserts and delicious bread to our families for when they returned home.

Students made friends with several of the vendors and even practiced their Italian.  The afternoon ended with dinner at a restaurant called Zero Otto Nove.  (If you cannot afford to take a trip to Italy, a visit to this restaurant is highly recommend!)  Students sat in the middle of the restaurant, but they felt like they were in the middle of a piazza in an Italian city.  The brick oven pizzas were also DELIZIOSE!!  A great time was had by all!

A huge “Thank You” to Mrs. Susan Vasselman and Ms. Mary Martinez for leading the students on the trip! Thanks to Mrs. Vasselman for the write-up of the trip!

Peruvian Students Depart after a Successful Exchange Visit!

Last week, our 19 Peruvian visitors (16 students and 3 adult chaperones) departed from JFK in order to return to our sister school (El Colegio San José de Monterrico) in Lima, Peru. It was an emotional scene when our Wheatley students and host families bode farewell to the Peruvian guests.

Organized by Joan Anderson and Angel Rivero, the nine-day visit involved many activities both inside and outside of Wheatley. Students spent time visiting classes, presenting to Spanish classes, and learning more about our school. There were additional activities, such as:

  • Visits to 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center and Times Square (accompanied by Wheatley Spanish teacher Pilar Principe-Franco)
  • Attendance at the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
  • Trip to Camelback Resort for an overnight stay (accompanied by Wheatley ENL teacher and several Wheatley students)

Additionally, host families provided a wide variety of activities including trips to see lower Manhattan, shopping, restaurants and more.  

During their time here, the visiting chaperones met with Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Rivero to coordinate opportunities for future exchanges, including the upcoming Wheatley trip to Peru to take place this spring.

The Peruvians Arrive!

For the past few years, Wheatley has strengthened its relationship with our sister school in Peru. We have had several exchange programs with the students in El Colegio San José de Monterrico, each one being memorable for both the Peruvian and Wheatley students.

On Wednesday morning, 16 Peruvian students (and three adult chaperones) arrived at JFK Airport for a week-long stay with Wheatley families. The Peruvian students were greeted at the airport by their Wheatley host students, and they all returned to Wheatley for a reunion breakfast and a day of activity.

Activities planned during the exchange include a trip to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall, an evening at Times Square, an overnight trip to Camelback Resort, and (of course) lots of time at Wheatley interacting with students and faculty.

Thanks to Spanish teachers Angel Rivero, Isabel Simoes and our World Language Chair Joan Anderson for all of their work coordinating this exchange.