8th Graders Visit the Tenement Museum!

Mr. Eckers’ and Mr. Clarke’s 8th grade social studies classes braved the cold on Wednesday and took a trip to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, home to generations of immigrants to the United States.  The trip coincided with the eighth grade study of immigration, urbanization, and the Progressive Era.

Students spent most of the day learning at the Tenement Museum, a fantastic New York City resource.  They were able to see, first hand, what life was like in the ethnic enclave before and after the turn of the last century.  The museum brought to life the stories and photos that the students have read and analyzed in their social studies classes.  After the museum, the group went on a short walking tour of the neighborhood and got to sample some of its traditional foods such as pickles and homemade bagels.  Students saw the Forward Building, the Essex Street Market, and other sights along the way.

Thanks to Mr. Clarke, Mr. Ardito, Ms. Seferian, Mr. Eckers and Mr. Chisholm for accompanying the students for the day!

[Thanks to Mr. Eckers for the photos and write-up!]

Wheatley’s Summer Opportunities Fair Draws a Huge Crowd!

With a wide-range of exciting opportunities, Wheatley’s Summer Opportunities Fair provided attendees with nearly thirty different options for enriching summer activities. The range of activities included academic, athletic, service and cultural arts programs for students of all ages. Travel opportunities abounded, with many programs combining language enrichment with service learning.

Wheatley is thankful for the efforts of our wonderful PTO for all of the efforts needed to put together this wonderful program!

For a listing of participants, click here: Wheatley SoF-exhibitors-2017


Peruvians Spend Some Time Sharing Culture and Learning!

On Friday, 20 October, thirteen exchange students and their two teachers from Colegio San José de Monterrico in Lima, Peru arrived in New York to begin an eight-day visit to the United States. Greeted at the airport by Wheatley students, the Peruvian travelers were treated to a special brunch hosted by Mrs. Mizhiritsky, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. LaMonica and Mrs. Walsh.

As part of the welcome brunch, the Peruvian students and their Wheatley counterparts had time to connect with each other and practice their linguistic skills. After spending time in some of the Wheatley classes, the students spent Friday afternoon painting a New York cityscape under the instruction of art teacher Ms. Melinda Gómez.

Additional activities during the stay of our Peruvian guests include time at Willets Road (singing in English and Spanish), a bit of shopping, a trip to Escape the Room, and some sightseeing in New York City.

Thank you to Mrs. Principe-Franco (from Wheatley) and Mrs. Isabel Simoes (from North Side and Willets Road) for their efforts in coordinating this experience for our students and community. Thank you as well to the Wheatley host families. Many thanks as well to our World Language teachers and our World Language Chair (Joan Anderson) for assisting with the exchange.

Thanks to Mrs. Simoes for some of these photos!

#Homecoming2017 Brings the Community Together Around Sports, Food, Games and Fundraising!

Our Homecoming Celebration was a terrific blend of sports, entertainment, food, games and even some fundraising! At Wheatley, Homecoming kicked off with our Pep Rally on Friday afternoon. Organized by our Student Senate, the Pep Rally featured our incredible Jazz Band (under the direction of Steve Fitzko), the introduction of our Fall teams by Student Senate members, and a Teacher v. Student “Pie in the Face” challenge that raised over $8,200 for Puerto Rican relief! You can see some photos and videos of the wonderful Pep Rally at #Homecoming2017 Kicks off with a Pep Rally and a Fundraiser!

After the Pep Rally, our Tri-M Music Honor Society presented “Rocktoberfest” for the community, a combination of music, seasonal activities and wonderful food! You can see some photos from this new event at Tri-M’s “Rocktoberfest” Celebrates Music and the Season!

On a lovely Saturday morning and afternoon, Wheatley volleyball and soccer teams competed. As the athletes were competing, community members enjoyed a wonderful International Food Court, DJ music and some bouncy houses!


SWS Program Heads to Boston!

One of the most memorable events of the year for our SWS community is its annual retreat. This 3-day event serves as an important bonding activity for the community while also providing students to learn more about the culture and history of our country.

This year’s retreat is being held in Boston. On Thursday, students departed at noon for accompanied by faculty members Birthe Seferian, Steve Collier, Todd Henao, Mike Dunn, Jason Craven, Gena Topping and Patrick Clarke.