#Homecoming2017 Brings the Community Together Around Sports, Food, Games and Fundraising!

Our Homecoming Celebration was a terrific blend of sports, entertainment, food, games and even some fundraising! At Wheatley, Homecoming kicked off with our Pep Rally on Friday afternoon. Organized by our Student Senate, the Pep Rally featured our incredible Jazz Band (under the direction of Steve Fitzko), the introduction of our Fall teams by Student Senate members, and a Teacher v. Student “Pie in the Face” challenge that raised over $8,200 for Puerto Rican relief! You can see some photos and videos of the wonderful Pep Rally at #Homecoming2017 Kicks off with a Pep Rally and a Fundraiser!

After the Pep Rally, our Tri-M Music Honor Society presented “Rocktoberfest” for the community, a combination of music, seasonal activities and wonderful food! You can see some photos from this new event at Tri-M’s “Rocktoberfest” Celebrates Music and the Season!

On a lovely Saturday morning and afternoon, Wheatley volleyball and soccer teams competed. As the athletes were competing, community members enjoyed a wonderful International Food Court, DJ music and some bouncy houses!


SWS Program Heads to Boston!

One of the most memorable events of the year for our SWS community is its annual retreat. This 3-day event serves as an important bonding activity for the community while also providing students to learn more about the culture and history of our country.

This year’s retreat is being held in Boston. On Thursday, students departed at noon for accompanied by faculty members Birthe Seferian, Steve Collier, Todd Henao, Mike Dunn, Jason Craven, Gena Topping and Patrick Clarke.

Class of 2022 is Welcomed to Wheatley!

One of the wonderful aspects of working in a school is the sense of rebirth that comes with the start of every school year! With new students, new staff members, new supplies and new initiatives, the start of the school year brings with it the opportunity to continue working and improving on our school’s mission.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, our Guidance Department, our Wheatley Welcomers and many of our faculty welcomed its newest students: members of the Class of 2022! As part of the 8th Grade Orientation, students had an opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, including:

  • a tour the building and a walk-through of their schedule
  • a highlight of some of the parts of the student agenda
  • a presentation on Social Media safety from Officer Ramon Lajara from the NCPD
  • team building activities through our “Guidance Olympics”
  • a presentation on resolving problems and issues as a student
  • pickup of their Chromebook
  • pickup of their locks and selection of their lockers

With over 115 students participating in the orientation program, the two half-days were filled with fun and excitement!

[Thanks to Dawn Muscarnera for the photos!]

Tri-M Music Honor Society Inducts New Members!

Earlier today, before the second of our Spring Concerts, Wheatley’s chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society inducted 16 new members!

Congratulations to the newest members:

  • Kavina Amin
  • Kaya Amin
  • Robert Boubour
  • Patrick Brady
  • Aidan Cozzolino
  • Emily Gothelf
  • Jacob Kaufman
  • Eliana Li
  • Karthik Pitchayan
  • John Scudero
  • Vedant Singh
  • Ashley Vincenzo
  • Trenton Wong
  • Alia Yamin
  • Brenda Zhong
  • Sharon Zhong

As part of the induction ceremony, the audience was treated to some wonderful individual and group performances! We even had some alumni return to perform with our Honor String Ensemble!

Thank you to our Tri-M Faculty Advisor, Angela Luftig, for supporting this active student club so ably!

Final Day in Peru for Wheatley Travelers

Although the Wheatley travelers returned safe and sound to New York on Sunday, Jeff and Julianna provided one final update:

Yesterday was filled with nothing but emotion. I was ready to come home to the States, to my family and house, but I didn’t want to leave the amazing family I had made over the past 7 days. I am truly lucky to have gotten the opportunity to stay with my host sister, Claudia, her parents, Luis and Paula, and lalo, her little brother. When I woke up, I slept in very late. We had a great time the night before when we all got together at Thomas’s house, as a final hoorah before we all had to say goodbye.

When I woke up, my family had ordered pollo a la brasa, my favorite Peruvian dish. After a delicious lunch, Claudia and I had decided to just put on music and start dancing in her room. We both love music and dancing, that’s something we have in common. After many laughs, dance moves, and deep convos, it was time to head to the airport. When we pulled up to San Jose de Monterrico, it hit me. It was time to say goodbye…

I said goodbye to my host father and held myself together. On the bus ride is where it really hit me. We all began to hug and tears of sadness streamed down our faces. We didn’t know when we would ever see our second families again. The bus ride, which felt like the shortest of my life, came to an end. We arrived at the airport and were able to spend a good hour and a half with the San Jose de Monterrico students.

Then the moment finally came where it was time to say goodbye for good. I ran up to Claudia and gave her the biggest, emotional hug I think I’ve ever given anyone. This was it. We all broke down crying, boys and girls, and that showed how great of an experience we had the past 7 days. Having to let go and walk through the terminal was one of the hardest things, but I’m positive that I will see all their faces again.This trip has been amazing, and I am so lucky I got the opportunity to be apart of it .

What had only been a week felt like an entire month. Each day was filled with adventure and laughter. I can confidently say that these past few days have been the best I’ve ever had, and I truly feel that I’ve returned home a changed person. There is no other experience comparable to that of the Peru Exchange.
Once again, a huge “Thank You” to Ms. Principe-Franco, Mr. Rivero and Ms. Simoes for accompanying our students on this wonderful experience!

Wheatley Travelers Finishing Up their Time in Peru!

Domenique and Patrick provided the following update of one of the final full days in Peru.

We left San Jose to Paracas where we went to Ballestas Island. There we saw the Humboldt penguins, sea lions, and birds unique to the area. We also learned about the war of the Pacific.

Afterwards, we went to a really nice hotel where we played volleyball and soccer outside and swam in the pool. Next we got on the bus to go to the desert. We went on go carts and it was like a rollercoaster as we rode through the dunes. Finally we came to this one dune where we took boards down like sleds. The desert was really cool as it was just miles and miles of nothing as far as you could see. We came back to the bus really sandy and tired and then slept the entire way back to Lima.

After we came back from Paracas, Tomas had a goodbye party for all the Wheatley students and their hosts. The party began at 11:30 and everyone was there. There was music, food, and a lot of dancing. The party ended at 4 am, and throughout those 4 and a half hours, everyone was dancing, singing, talking and just enjoying their last night in Peru. The party brought everyone together and it was a good way to celebrate the end of an amazing trip.

Wheatley Travelers Spend Time with Old and New Friends!

Anusha and Zach provided this most recent update from our students’ travels in Peru!

Today we went to the head of the Peruvian government’s headquarters. Here they preformed a song with their band, as well as marched throughout the gates.

We also, had sports day at school. We started off playing sports, such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Eventually we gave up and started dancing all together. During this time we were able to hang out with old friends, while also making new ones in the process.