Wheatley Science Olympians Compete in State Competition!

On February 4, the Wheatley Science Olympiad team placed 4th in its region, securing a spot at the State Competition which was held earlier this month in Syracuse, NY.

Although the team did not perform as well as they had anticipated it has been a successful season for all participants.  In the 5 years that this team has been in existence, this is the first year we were able to form two complete teams due to a high participation rate.
The Regional Teams were as follows:

A Team

  • Karan Amin
  • Sana Haroon
  • Ally Kim
  • Amanda Kim
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Eliana Li
  • John Li
  • Karen Li
  • Victor Li
  • Elan Mizhiritsky
  • Vedant Singh
  • Rebecca Sparacio
  • Alekya Bokka
  • Antony Deluxe

B Team

  • Patrick Brady
  • Farah Hasan
  • Sarah Hassan
  • Hitangee Jain
  • Tiffany Jiao
  • Michelle Raja
  • Diya Shah
  • Madison Ramos
  • Manan Shukla
  • Kenton Wu
  • Alia Yamin
  • Aaron Zachariah

At Regionals, the A Team Medaled in 14 events:

  • 5th Place Anatomy & Physiology – Sana and Victor
  • 3rd Astronomy – Vedant and Karen
  • 4th Chem Lab – John and Amanda
  • 9th Fermi – Abhishek and Elan
  • 10th Game On – Abhishek and Elan
  • 4th Herpetology – Victor and Amanda
  • 4th Hydrogeology – Eliana and Vani
  • 2nd Invasive Species – John and Karen
  • 3rd Materials Science – John and Elan
  • 8th Microbe Mission – Ally and Rebecca
  • 4th Optics – Elan and Vedant
  • 2nd Remote Sensing – Vedant and Karen
  • 10th Towers – John and Karen
  • 6th Wind Power – John and Karen

At Regionals, the B Team Medaled in the following events:

  • 4th Ecology – Kenton and Michelle
  • 9th Remote Sensing – Kenton and Aaron

The States Team:

  • Karan Amin
  • Sana Haroon
  • Hitangee Jain
  • Ally Kim
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Vani Kumar
  • Eliana Li
  • John Li
  • Karen Li
  • Victor Li
  • Elan Mizhiritsky
  • Michelle Raja
  • Vedant Singh
  • Rebecca Sparacio
  • Kenton Wu

The States Team Medaled in 3 Events at States:

  • 8th Herpetology – Victor Li and Hitangee Jain
  • 7th Materials Science – John Li and Karen Li
  • 6th Invasive Species – John Li and Karen Li

Congratulations to all participants, and thanks to Ms. Blondrage for the photos and the write-up of these two events!


Mock Trial Team Advances to the Final Four!

Earlier today, Wheatley’s Mock Trial Team powered through the Elite Eight round to earn a spot in the Final Four! To do this, the team needed to defeat a strong Oceanside team. With this victory, the team will advance to the semi-finals!

Congratulations to the team members:



  • Lianna Golden
  • Jacob Chimerine
  • Jakob Gilbert


  • Jacob Ribotsky
  • Caroline Crimmins
  • Brooke Schwartz



  • Andrew Hirsch
  • Rebecca Sparacio
  • Jakob Gilbert


  • Sam Avila-Frank
  • Brett Katz
  • Emily Wang


  • Adam Rosenzweig
  • Emily Yagoda
  • Derek Gilbert
  • Maggie Carrodo (Official Timekeeper)
  • Mahesh Pitchayan
  • Michelle Raja

The students are led by our Mock Trial Advisor, Ms. Theryn Gibbons!

Congratulations to the entire team as students advance to the next round!


Adam, Andrew, Jakob, Sam, Jacob, Brett, Rebecca, Maggie, Emily, Brooke and Caroline!

#Showdown2017 Ends with a Victory for the Class of 2017!

The final day of Showdown is always the longest! The competition is at its most heated and it continues late into the night at the Friday Night Finale! This year was not different, as the Junior and Senior classes battled fiercely against each other throughout the week.

The final day of Showdown features so many activites! The day events included:

  • WSTV Trivia (Potpourri category)
  • Puzzle making
  • Showdown Video assembly

Going into the evening, only a dozen points separated the juniors and the seniors. Thanks to a strong performance during the evening events (and the charity events), the Class of 2017 pulled off a victory by 4 points!

From the very beginning (with our Chess Competition at 6:45 pm) through the announcement of the winners at 10:24 pm, nearly 70% of our student body were engaged in a fun, spirited evening! Students competed in the following activities:

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Sneaker relay race
  • Foul shooting
  • Myers Math Problem
  • Minute to Win It (faculty competition)
  • Volleyball
  • Clothing relay race
  • Soccer goal kick
  • Bridges competition
  • Pyramid Cup stacking
  • Over-Under Ball Pass
  • Target Rock

The evening is not just about competition, however! As part of the admission to the evening, students were required to bring donations for the INN. As a result, students brought over 5,990 items for donation!

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 for its first Showdown victory, and thanks to all of the students, faculty and parents for a terrific week of spirited competition!