Wheatley’s Fine and Practical Arts Dinner is a Festive Celebration of Student Talent and Commitment!

Wheatley has an incredibly talented student body, involved in so many activities both inside and outside the classroom. Areas in which students have always excelled have been the fine and practical arts. From incredible stage performances to award-winning literary magazines and newspapers, Wheatley students have provided so much entertainment and value to our school and community. To recognize some of the students who have made special contributions in these areas, the faculty advisors invite them to a special dinner held at The INN at New Hyde Park.

In addition to a lovely sit-down dinner, the evening features student performances and a mini art show. The faculty advisors and students are reminded of the critical role they play in helping Wheatley remain a school where there is a place for everyone to shine.

A highlight of this evening is the presentation of the Eve and Jerry Jerome Award, a recognition given to the music student who has demonstrated outstanding skill, character and citizenship at Wheatley. Presented by Mr. Orlovsky, this year’s recipient is the incredibly talented Amanda Kim!

[Thanks to Dr. Eckers for some of the photos.]

Our East Williston School District Fine and Performing Arts Festival Inspires All Who Attend!

On Tuesday 30 April, Wheatley hosted the district’s inaugural Fine and Performing Arts Festival. Through the incredible work of our art and music teachers (with lots of support from our custodial staff!), Wheatley was transformed into a multi-room exhibit gallery highlighting the talents of our student-artists and student-musicians from all three schools.

This event proved to be one of the most well-attended events our district has ever held! Throughout the evening, there were audible gasps from parents and faculty members as they walked about and reviewed the incredible work on display.

An evening like this happens through the dedication and efforts of so many professionals throughout the district. Thank you to:

  • Steve Fitzko
  • Nicole Girgenti
  • Denise Giuliano
  • Melinda Gomez
  • Colette Hardy
  • Peggy Ho
  • Scott Hoefling
  • Angeliki Kyrou
  • Ed Lattari
  • Angela Luftig
  • Rachel MacCleod
  • Julia Maloney
  • Stan Orlovsky
  • Caroline Salm

Thanks also to Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Personnel, Dr. Danielle Gately and Wheatley’s Assistant Principal, Dr. Karen Klapper for coordinating the event.

[Thanks to our friends at Island Photography for some of the photos!]

Wheatley Students Have Wonderful Experiences in Italy!

Is there a better way to spend spring vacation than to practice your Italian conversational skills in Italy? For 21 Wheatley students and their chaperones, the answer to that question was a resounding “no!”

As such, thanks to the commitment of three chaperones (Mrs. Susan Vasselman, Mrs. Michelle Gross and Willets Road’s Mrs. Rosa Chiarenza), 21 Wheatley students departed on Wednesday, 17 April, for eight wonderful days in Italy!

Students enjoyed beautiful weather and special times seeing the sights and talking to the locals as they visited Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Benevento, the Tremiti Islands, Vieste, Castel del  Monte in Andria, Altamura, Alberbello and Bari. Two years ago, Mrs. Vasselman led a different group of students on explorations of Italy’s west coast and Sicily; this trip offered an exciting experience on Italy’s east coast. Some of the students took advantage of the opportunity to swim in the Adriatic Sea!

Participants included: Dina Aldad, Alison Amarain, Juliana Anteri, Daniel Aquino Okeke, Pádraig Brady, Julia Braito, Jessica Calabrese, Alexandra Castiglie, Julia Dioguardi, Jenna Fey, Cecilia Jozef, Jacob Kaufman, Tyler Krause, Jason Liu, Amanda Molstad, Victoria Mora, Eric Ness, Temitope Oshodi, Olivia Palmieri, Daniel Piscopia and Camellia Ye.

Special thanks to Mrs. Vasselman, Mrs. Chiarenza and Mrs. Gross for taking the time away from their own families during the holidays and recess. Their absence from their own families afforded our students such a valuable real-world learning experience. It is sure to be a very special memory of their Wheatley years.

[Thanks to Mrs. Vasselman for some of the photos and Mrs. Anderson for some of the write-up! Thanks to Dina Aldad for the video summary!]





Wheatley Students Recognize and Celebrate Earth Day 2019!

Across our planet, Earth Day took place this past Monday, April 22nd. As we were on vacation during that week, we celebrated the day on April 16th and 17th with a series of activities and information booths intended to educate and inform our students on issues related to Earth Day.

Some of the activities included:

  • Assemblies with guest lecturers on food choices, water conservation, and careers in conservation
  • Demonstration of a hive of bees
  • Interactions with a 10-foot boa constrictor and other animals
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade
  • Demonstration of how coffee grids can be recycled
  • Stainless steel water bottle sales
  • Environmental T-shirt sales and plant sales
  • Bike collection for the EAC’s Afribike donation program
  • Sale of mulch from the Wheatley Woods
  • Lots of music and tasty treats!

As you can see from the photos, Wheatley’s Earth Fest was a lot of fun for all! A huge “thank you” to Steve Finkelstein and our EAC students for all of the work they did to prepare for the activities.

Our friends at Island Photography were at our Earth Fest and shared the following photos: