Wheatley Remembers 9/11 and Kicks off its Day of Service and Learning

Wheatley’s 9th Annual Day of Service and Learning takes place on 18 October. On this day, students and faculty join each other on a community service or service learning opportunity — upwards of three dozen activities spread across Long Island.

For the past several years, we have used the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks to “kick off” our Day of Service initiative. This serves to both acknowledge the horrors of 9/11/01 while turning this horrific day into one of service, love and giving. We held this assembly yesterday.

With all students assembled in the auditorium and Room 450, a brief statement was read tabout what happened on 9/11/01, the aftermath of the attacks and the importance of remembering what happened. We also showed a brief video that described the horrible day. The statement was followed by a moment of silence.

After this, the program was turned over to Mr. Schwalm and Mr. Craven, who are taking over the coordination of our annual Day of Service and Learning. They spoke about the importance of the day and discussed some of the activities to our students.

Students then broke into grade level meetings to discuss the Day of Service and plan grade-specific activities.

Meet our 2017 PTO Recognition Students!

The penultimate award given during the Academic Awards Night is the PTO Student Recognition award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize two deserving seniors who exhibit the qualities we value and encourage in our young people:

  • Kindness, respect, and tolerance for self, others and the environment
  • Good judgment and decision making
  • High ethical standards and character
  • Sincerity
  • Dignity
  • Courage to overcome obstacles
  • Good citizenship
  • Dependability and helpfulness

These awards were presented by our PTO Co-president, Mrs. Diane Cumming. Here is what was said about this year’s recipients:

This first recipient of the PTO Recognition Award is an intelligent and friendly young man with an adventurous spirit. He is constantly looking for new and exciting things to try and is always willing to step outside his comfort zone.

In addition to outstanding grades in demanding courses, this recipient has dedicated his time to a wide range of extracurricular and community service activities, including athletics, student government and volunteering to help the homeless. No matter what he has chosen to do, he has done so with a full effort, leading by example. Over the past five years, we have watched him grow (and grow and grow) into an outgoing, confident and open-minded young man. His smile and generosity will be missed next year.

On behalf of the Wheatley PTO, it gives me great joy to present the PTO Recognition Award to Zach Calabrese.

This year’s second recipient of the PTO Recognition Award has demonstrated that success is not only defined by the grades earned, but most importantly by the impact one has on others in their school and community.  An outstanding student who earned AP Scholar with Distinction recognition, she has also been a committed leader of our Dance Team and an active member of our student government.

Her positive impact has been felt by her dedication to St. Aidan’s Church, serving as a volunteer in the peanut butter gang as well as serving as a Bible school counselor, where she works directly with young students on arts and crafts, music and Bible studies. In addition, this student has devoted countless hours sewing and designing pillowcases that are delivered to children affected by cancer on Long Island.  She simply loves to help in any way possible.  She is one of the kindest and most respected individuals at Wheatley.

On behalf of the Wheatley PTO, it is with great pleasure that we present the PTO Recognition Award to Kathryn Feil.


Students are Honored at our Annual Academic Awards Evening!

Last night, hundreds of students, family members and community members gathered in the auditorium to celebrate our students’ academic, artistic and service accomplishments.

Students receive invitations to this evening without knowing what recognition they will receive. As such, there is excitement and anticipation in the air throughout the ceremony.

Each of our academic departments presents awards to students who have excelled in classes. Additionally, there are community awards and some school-wide awards given. Some of the highlights of the evening occurred at the end with the following recognitions:

PTO Teacher of the Year

This award is voted on by parents and given by our PTO. This year’s winner was Ms. Danielle Calvagno.

Susan Bergtraum Leadership in Action Award

This award is given in recognition of the senior who best illustrates the breadth and depth of leadership demonstrated by our former parent, Board Trustee and current New York State School Boards President. The recipient of this award was Rachel Koty.

The Jim O’Brien Award

Named after a retired faculty member, this award is given to a junior who exudes honesty, integrity and a deep devotion to helping others. This year’s recipients were Bert Cumming and Lindsay Eckhoff.

PTO Recognition Award

This award is given by the PTO in recognition of a senior boy and girl who exemplify qualities such as kindness, good judgement, sincerity, dignity, good citizenship and dependability. This year’s recipients were Zachary Calabrese and Kathryn Feil.

The Wheatley Medals

These medals are given to the the senior boy and girl who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to community. This year’s recipients were Jakob Gilbert and Lianna Golden.

You can view the entire program through this link: 2017 Academic Awards Night Full Program May17

Project Brasilito Delivers School Supplies to Those in Need!

In 2012 there was a massive earthquake in Costa Rica that devastated, among many other things, an elementary school. The school was demolished and is now situated in an old warehouse. The children have nothing. Sam Avila, a Wheatley junior, set up a charity called Project Brasilito to help these children.

For the last two years, the Spanish Club has been collecting school supplies for the children of this elementary school. Sam and his family bring them, along with letters that the Spanish Club members wrote, to the children each year. We plan on continuing our association with Project Brasilito for years to come, as they have a long road ahead of them. Next year we hope to be able to Skype with the children at the school!

Thanks to Julie Jacobson for her support of these students’ efforts!