Tri-M’s Big Band Night Brings our Community Together over Food, Music and Dance!

Last night, Wheatley’s cafeteria was transformed into a Big Band swinging playland! Hosted by our Tri-M Music Honor Society, our annual “Puttin’ on the Ritz” evening was a delight for everyone in attendance. Scores of our residents enjoyed an evening of free food, terrific music, energetic dance and wonderful company.

Our Tri-M students provided table service to all in attendance. The food was delicious, the dessert was tasty, and the coffee was as hot as the music. Wheatley’s Stage Band (under the direction of Dr. Peggy Ho) and our Jazz Band (under the direction of Steve Fitzko) provided wonderful music. Vocal accompaniments on some of the songs were provided by Shruti Goyal and Shrey Gulati. All the while, our guests were able to eat, dance and enjoy themselves.

Thank you to our Tri-M faculty advisor, Ms. Angela Luftig, for her assistance in organizing this event!



Wheatley Art Students Make Lifelong Gifts for Syrian Refugee Children!

Art students at The Wheatley School have joined the Memory Project, a charitable
nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create and donate portraits to youth. The project also allows art students to practice kindness and global awareness while enhancing their portraiture skills.

The Syrian conflict has been called the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Due to years of brutal civil war, millions of families have been displaced and many Syrian children are growing up in refugee camps with no experience of life outside a barbed-wire fence. Each portrait created by the Wheatley students carries a message of kindness and hope from a different world. Each portrait will help them see the beauty of their inner strength and show them they are not forgotten, they are being thought of by those of us here at The Wheatley School and the rest of the world. Our students are telling these children that  we care about their memories and their future,
and to show them how much we admire their strength and courage during this tumultuous time in their lives.

Students at The Wheatley School began their participation in the project with Mrs. Girgenti as a part of the Day of Service and Learning in October and continued to work independently outside of class time to complete these beautiful portraits. To do this, the students received photos of children who are waiting for portraits, once finished, they were mailed to the people at the Memory Project.  The portraits are then delivered by in person to the children. Once the portraits are delivered we will get a video of the children as they receive them. (This is the most exciting part for those who worked so hard on the artwork. seeing the joy on the children’s faces is priceless) In total, we made portraits for twelve children in Syria this year.

Participating students were Avani Ramnarayan, Eva LaMonica, Ciara O’Brien, Allison Zheng, Emma Leng, Gabby Testani, Sami Chusid, Skylar Blechner.

[Thank you to Mrs. Girgenti for the write-up and the photos!]


After a Back and Forth Competition, the Class of 2019 Emerges Victorious in #Showdown2019

The culmination of Wheatley’s Showdown week is the Friday Night Finale. This finale took place last night! Beginning at 6:45 pm and continuing through 10:16 pm, grades competed against each other in a wide variety of activities. The activities included:

  • Chess
  • Myers Math Problem
  • Badminton
  • Sneaker relay race
  • Foul shooting
  • Egg and Spoon Race (faculty competition)
  • Volleyball
  • Scooter Polo
  • Over-Under Ball Pass
  • Pyramid Cup Stacking
  • Target Rock

Over 500 students attended the night’s activities. The “cost” of admission to the evening was a donation item for the Mary Brennan INN (this was one of the competitions). Each class was assigned a category, so a wide variety of soups, canned goods, cereals, pasta, rice and beans was collected. Over 6,300 items were collected for the donation!

After an intense evening of competition, the Class of 2019 emerged as the winners of Showdown2019!

A huge thank you to our Class Advisors, our PE faculty, our custodians and our Wheatley PTO for all the work they did in order to help us through the week of Showdown2019! Thank you to ALL of the students for a wonderful week of spirited competition!