Wheatley Students Provide Entertainment at a Nursing Home on our Day of Service and Learning!

During our 10th annual Day of Service and Learning, Mr. Orlovsky and Mr. Fitzko accompanied students to the Grace Plaza Nursing Home in Great Neck, where students performed a concert for the residents.

Violins, cellos, trumpet, keyboard, vocals and guitar were all featured in this musically packed performance!

Thanks to Mr. Orlovsky for the photos and videos!

#Homecoming2018 Brings the Community Together Around Athletics, Food and Fun!

Our Homecoming Celebration was a terrific blend of athletics, food and family fun! On an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, our teams competed in tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross country and football. Our student clubs  and our cheerleaders helped support the activities for the community.

As the athletes were competing, community members enjoyed a wonderful International Food Court, music and some bouncy houses! There were a few key folks who helped to bring this event together:

  • Our Cultural Initiatives Committee for organizing the International Food Court
  • Todd Richman and our Wildcat Foundation for raising funds to support the event
  • Michael Scatturo, our district Athletic Director, for overseeing all of the events

[Thanks to Mr. Scatturo for some of the photos!]


Julia Schriefer, an 8th Grader (!), is Heading the NYS Championship Meet!

After an impressive season that included breaking school records and accomplishing much on the track and field, 8th Grader Julia Schriefer is heading to the New York State Track and Field Championship Meet in Cicero-North Syracuse! This is an amazing accomplishment for a relatively young runner.

Julia earned the right to compete in the State Championship meet after winning the 800 m run and 400 m hurdles in last week’s State Qualifier meet. (These two races were separated by a mere 30 minutes…and she WON both of them!)

Congratulations to Julia and Coach Paulson for this wonderful accomplishment! Good luck, Julia!

[Thanks to DJ Paulson for the action photos!]