ICU Assembly and Luncheon Celebrates the Diversity that Unites Us

One of Wheatley’s wonderful traditions takes place on the final day of school before the December Recess. Sponsored by our Intercultural Unity Club (ICU), this combination talent showcase, fashion show and luncheon has been described by many as “the best day of the year.” The day provides the opportunity to showcase many of the talents of our incredible student body.

Through music and dance performances, students use the ICU Assembly to celebrate the diverse cultures within our community as a way of bringing us closer together.  After the assembly, students eat food (prepared by our community families) from across many cultures. Leftover food is brought to the INN at the end of the day.

This day has become one of Wheatley’s wonderful traditions. Many thanks to our ICU Advisor, Steven Fitzko, for his work with the students in bringing this day to our community!

Thanks to our friends at Island Photo for sharing some of the following photos from the day!

Homecoming 2018 Kicks off with a Pep Rally Organized by our Student Senate!

Our Homecoming celebration kicked off on Friday afternoon with an end-of-day Pep Rally that included a fundraiser for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief. Organized by our Student Senate, the pep rally was a terrific combination of spirit, fun and community service!

With students decked out in Red, White or their team uniforms, our Fall athletic teams were introduced by the team captains, with music provided by our Jazz Band and our student group “The Moondogs.

Inspired by last year’s fundraiser for Puerto Rico, the Student Senate organized a “Pie a Teacher in the Face” fundraiser. As part of this fundraiser, students raised funds to earn the right to “pie” a selected teacher in the face. At the end of the challenge, students managed to raise nearly $1,300!

The National Anthem was performed by Emma Melnikov and signed by Charlotte Goldbaum. The Wheatley PTO supported the pie in your face fundraiser.

Thank you to Ms. Chanin-Bermudez, our Student Senate Advisor, for her work on the wonderful event. Thank you as well to the following faculty members for taking up the Pie in the Face Challenge:

  • Ms. Rogala
  • Mr. Gadamawitz
  • Mr. Abdale
  • Mrs. Luftig
  • Mr. Henley
  • Mrs. Seferian
  • Mr. Abdale
  • Mr. Schwalm
  • Ms. Chanin-Bermudez
  • Dr. Feeney

On this Day, Wheatley Students Practice Civic Engagement as they Make Their Voice Heard!

In schools throughout Long Island and our country, students used March 14th—the one-month anniversary of the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School—as a day to walk out in solidarity with those who lost lives on that day.

At Wheatley, we used this day in a manner that showed students how they can effect change by making their voices heard. In our Social Studies classes, students were given the assignment to come to class with an issue—any issue—of concern. During class, Social Studies teachers would show students how to go about finding their local, state and federal representatives and send an email to one or more of them expressing their concern. In our 12th grade classes, students would also register to vote.

At 10:00 am, teachers, students and staff gathered in our Main Courtyard to discuss the importance of civic engagement and reflect on the power of making one’s voice heard. Two of our student leaders, Alexandra Ostad and Rachel Fuzaylov, shared the following prepared statement:

We are all gathered here today to recognize the power of our voices. Across the country, we have been reminded of this power through the actions of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. As we recognize the voices of those who have survived, we also commemorate the victims of the too many school shootings our country has faced. We are also here to self reflect and understand that school shootings, among a plethora of threatening issues don’t stop without action.

Every single one of us has a voice. What makes us all different is how we decide to use our words to advocate for change. No matter what our beliefs are, each of one of us is lucky to have the right to speak our minds, as many teens just like us are often silenced. Don’t take this right for granted, sitting quietly will not bring change, no matter what that change is. We ask you not to simply talk the talk, but to walk the walk. Use your words to express yourself and understand the magnitude of your strength. Today, in class, be passionate with the emails you write to your local, state or federal representatives; this is not an activity to waste time. Students like us across the country have used their voices to make local and state change, so why can’t we? No one is telling you what to write, just write!

We cannot ignore the fact that we stand here today to also commemorate the lives lost in school shootings nationwide. Recently as we all know, our nation was struck with a school shooting in Parkland, Florida and 17 innocent lives were lost. These were students and teachers just like us. We are so lucky to call Wheatley our school and a safe space, a space that fosters expression and intellect. Be proud of the high school you attend and use the foundation you were given to speak up for what you believe! A powerful voice is beyond the books, it is something that everyone has within them. We can all make a change in whatever we put our minds to. We are the future and we will be heard.

Although we’ve taken a moment of silence already, students are taking a moment of silence across the country to commemorate the 17 victims. Let’s take a moment of silence now.

We are fortunate to have such committed and strong-willed students as part of our school. As their principal, I could not be more proud of what I witnessed today!

Wheatley Celebrates Winter Sports with a Winter Pep Rally!

On Friday afternoon, we punctuated a busy week of activity with a Winter Pep Rally! Organized and run by the Wheatley Student Senate, the pep rally gave teams an opportunity to introduce themselves to the school. The festivities began with the singing of the national anthem by Kaileigh Fiorillo and continued with performances by the Dance Team and our Cheer Team. Throughout the event, our Jazz Band provided music and entertainment. Our very own Wheatley Wildcat (ably performed by senior Josh Randazzo) helped pump up the crowd!