Wheatley’s Winter Concert (Part 2) Wraps Up the Season in Delight!

Earlier this evening, our Winter Concert (Part 2) featured delightful performances from the following performance groups: Stage Band (directed by Peggy Ho), Jazz Band (directed by Steve Fitzko), Intermediate Chorus (directed by Angela Luftig and accompanied by Rick Wilson), Intermediate/Concert Band (directed by Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky) and Symphonic Band (directed by Peggy Ho).

We are grateful for the dedication of our music teachers, Angela Luftig, Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky — as well as our “adjunct” music teachers, Rick Wilson and Steve Fitzko! Special recognition must go to Dr. Ho, who conducted tonight’s performances just a few weeks after breaking her kneecap!

Wheatley Theatre Company’s Production of “All in the Timing”a Fun-filled Event!

On this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, the Wheatley Theatre Company entertained the community with a terrific production of David Ives’ All in the Timing and Time Flies. The production included a series of short vignettes:

  • “Sure Thing” was first produced at the Manhattan Punchline Theatre in New York City, in February 1988. Steve Kaplan, Artistic Director.
  • “The Philadelphia” was first produced at the 1992 New Hope Performing Arts Festival, presented by The New Hope Arts Commission, New Hope, Pennsylvania. Robin Larsen,  Executive Director.
  • “English Made Simple” was first presented at the Seattle Repertory Theatre in April 1994. Bill Irwin, Director.
  • “Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread” was first produced at the Manhattan Punchline Theatre in New York City, in January 1990. Steve Kaplan, Artistic Director.
  • “The Art Of The Fugue” was first presented at the Manhattan Punchline Theatre in New York City in February 1991. Steve Kaplan, Artistic Director.
  • “Time Flies” premiered at Primary Stages in New York City, in May 1998. Casey Childs, Artistic Director.

The show was directed by faculty advisor Andrew Ardito, along with senior Lucy Brancaccio and Class of 2018 graduate Jason Manzano. Dr. Scott Eckers served as the Technical Advisor and Set Designer. Thomas Storck and Paul Chisholm served as the Stage and Tech Crew Advisors. Stephanie Clarfield and Emma Pak served as the Stage Cast Managers. Finally, Maura Calio was our Costume Designer. Thank you to all of them for the wonderful work they did o this terrific show!

Our friends at Island Photography captured Thursday’s opening night.