Wheatley Brainstormers Shine at Columbia University’s Fall Tournament!

On Saturday, October 7th, The Wheatley School’s Brainstormers Club competed at the first meeting of the 2017 Columbia Cup Tournament Series – The Fall Tournament. The Columbia Cup is a tournament series hosted by the Columbia University Quiz Bowl Club. The Columbia Cup Tournament Series holds three full-day, seasonal tournaments, in which high school students from the New York Metropolitan Area compete against each in traditional academic quiz bowl contests.

Our Varsity team made an impressive 4-1 showing in the preliminary rounds, while making a heartfelt 1-2 effort in the playoff rounds. Our Junior Varsity team, composed mainly of rookie players, demonstrated great promise in their first full-day tournament of the 2017-2018 academic year. At the end of the tournament, our club’s President and Varsity Captain, John Li, was awarded a medal for achieving Second Place (PPG) in the Standard Division of the Columbia Cup Fall Tournament.

The Wheatley School Brainstormers Club eagerly awaits its return to Columbia University on Saturday, December 2nd, for the Columbia Cup Winter Tournament.

Thank you to Advisor Joseph Crotty along with participants:

  • Peter Cuomo
  • Tony Deluxe
  • Viraj Jayam
  • John Li
  • Victor Li
  • Karen Li
  • Frederick Lin
  • Aamir Muneer
  • Avinash Reddy

[Thanks to Mr. Crotty for the write-up and the photo!]


2017-10-09 19.03.53

WSTV is Back on the Air!

Each morning, a group of students under the guidance of Technology teacher Patrick Hurley prepare and deliver a four-minute live broadcast of the day’s news and activities. The live broadcast originates in the WSTV studio. Using multiple cameras and live blue screen technology, the students prepare, edit, and deliver the news on their own.

Students who prepare this daily broadcast are enrolled in the Fundamentals of Film Production and Editing course.

Here are some behind the scenes footage from the rehearsal for this morning’s broadcast:

Ananya and Emily Recognized by New York State Archives!

Seniors Emily Wang and Ananya Bansal were recently recognized with Certificates of Honorable Mention for their entries into the New York State Archives Student Research Award competition.

Ananya is being recognized for her paper, “Lewis Hine: Standing in the Shadows Casting a Light on a World of Darkness. Emily submitted her paper “Julia Child: The Woman Who Challenged the Stereotypical Role of Women in the Kitchen One Meal at a Time.” As student researchers, they used a variety historical archives, uncovering evidence to answer their research questions. Countless hours and persistence paid off with papers that are engaging and informative.

According to the New York State Archives website:

The main purpose of the awards program is to encourage students to explore the wealth of historical records held in historical records repositories in New York State. A secondary purpose is to increase cooperation between schools and organizations that administer historical records useful for education.

Congratulations to both Ananya and Emily on this well-deserved recognition!

(Thanks to Mrs. Roberts for the write-up!)

Wheatley Announces 141 AP Scholars!

One hundred forty-one (141) students at The Wheatley School have earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program (AP) Exams.

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program offers students the opportunity to take challenging college-level courses while still in high school, and to receive college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP Exams. About 18 percent of the nearly 1.9 million high school students worldwide who took AP Exams performed at a sufficiently high level to also earn an AP Scholar Award. The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on students’ performance on AP Exams.

National Scholar Award

At Wheatley, thirteen students qualified for the National AP Scholar Award by earning an average grade of 4 or higher on a five-point scale on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. The students who earned this distinction are:

  • Ananya Bansal*
  • Kathryn Feil
  • Jakob Gilbert
  • Samuel Goldman
  • Abdullah Hassan
  • Brett Katz*
  • John Li*
  • Michelle Lin
  • Dylan Nektalov
  • Sumughan Pitchayan
  • Justin Spar
  • Joshua Wolff
  • Angela Yang

AP Scholar with Distinction

Fifty-nine students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. These students are:

  • Isabella Araujo
  • Samuel Avila*
  • Ananya Bansal*
  • Benjamin Barnett
  • Rachel Bergsohn*
  • Carly Brensilber
  • Stephanie Buchheim
  • Zachary Calabrese
  • Jacob Chimerine*
  • Aileen Chowdhury
  • Alana Conroy*
  • Laura D’Angelo
  • Meaghan Doherty*
  • Kathryn Feil
  • William Feil*
  • Lauren Frantz
  • Rachel Fuzaylov*
  • Nirel Gidanian
  • Jakob Gilbert
  • Samuel Goldman
  • Brittany Haber
  • Sana Haroon*
  • Abdullah Hassan
  • Jessica Hastings*
  • Steven John
  • Charlotte Kaminsky*
  • Brett Katz*
  • Rebecca Khorsandi
  • Jeehyun Kim*
  • Megan Kirschner*
  • Rachel Koty
  • Abhishek Kumar*
  • Vani Kumar*
  • Lauren Levine
  • Theodore Lewis
  • John Li*
  • Michelle Lin
  • Mitchell Lin*
  • Mary Ma*
  • Elan Mizhiritsky*
  • Dylan Nektalov
  • Jax Nussbaum
  • Alexandra Ostad*
  • Hannah Ostad*
  • Erin Patterson*
  • Sumughan Pitchayan
  • Michelle Raja*
  • Jesse Romano*
  • Hunter Schore*
  • Justin Spar
  • Saman Suleman*
  • Justin Vega*
  • Emily Wang*
  • Joshua Wolff
  • Aiden Wong*
  • Carol Wu*
  • Anne Yan*
  • Angela Yang
  • Alice Ye*

AP Scholar with Honor

Thirty students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. These students are:

  • Reuben Alexander
  • Maya Alfia
  • Adeel Anwar*
  • Ariana Arralde
  • Michaela Balboni*
  • Brett Bloomberg*
  • Kevin Contreras*
  • Antony Deluxe**
  • Joseph Dinetz
  • Joshua Druz
  • Evan Gitlitz*
  • Christopher Giunta*
  • Lianna Golden
  • Remi Goldfarb*
  • Jack Goldman
  • Gretchen Keller
  • Jacob Klee
  • Antonio Liparoto
  • Jason Manzano*
  • Michael Medvedev*
  • Lucas Miller*
  • Lindsay Mosca
  • Aamir Muneer*
  • Matthew Porges
  • Naomi Schlesinger
  • Ryan Schnur*
  • Manan Shukla**
  • Vedant Singh**
  • Cooper Tanenhaus*
  • Kenton Wu**

AP Scholar

Fifty-two students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP Exams with grades of 3 or higher. The AP Scholars are:

  • Sufia Ainechi*
  • Sanjay Allahdad
  • Justin Antunes*
  • Claire Baker
  • Matthew Baltzer*
  • Kayla Bellan
  • Alekya Bokka*
  • Devin Brancato*
  • Yat-Hei Cheng
  • Jona Chorost*
  • Caroline Crimmins*
  • Matthew Cristina
  • Eric Fox
  • Rikki Gassman*
  • Roxane Ghadami*
  • Zachary Groveman
  • Sahaj Gulati
  • Evan Hirsch
  • Jamie Horowitz*
  • Andrew Hyon
  • Jessica Igoe*
  • Taliah Ilyadi*
  • Arvin Jadonath
  • Tiffany Jiao**
  • Coby Kamhi*
  • Tessa Karikas*
  • Alexandra Kasparian*
  • Punit Kaur*
  • Amanda Kim*
  • Megan Klein*
  • Joshua Koelsch*
  • Taylor Kristal
  • Allison LaMonica
  • Diana Lee
  • Ashley Lessen
  • Allison Levy
  • Gil Lotzky
  • Darren Novel
  • Brianna O’Brien
  • Raffaela Palmieri
  • Mahesh Pitchayan**
  • Austin Pomerantz
  • Jessica Poomkudy*
  • Anusha Ramnarayan*
  • Micki Wain
  • Ally Wang*
  • Jeffrey Wu
  • Kevin Yi
  • Ilan Zarin*
  • Eric Zhou*
  • Brandon Zhu**
  • Sara Zulfiqar

Of this year’s award recipients at Wheatley, seventy-three earned them as juniors (designated with *) and six earned them as sophomores (designated with **). These members of the Class of 2018 and 2019 have more time during which to complete college-level work and possibly earn another AP Scholar Award Recognition.

Manav Bansal Wins New York State Archives Student Research Award!

Earlier this month, we were notified that Manav Bansal (Class of 2021) was recognized by the New York State Archives as the winner of the Grade 6-8 Student Research Award.

Manav’s research paper, Taking a Stand by Taking a Leap: Jesse Owens and His Fight for Social Justice, was based on his use of records from the NYS Historic Newspaper Archives, the National Archives, the Chicago Tribune Archives and the Lantern Digital Archives at Ohio State University.

Manav wrote about how Jesse Owens’ achievements at the 1936 Berlin Olympics “forged a path for social justice, setting the stage for the Civil Rights Movement.” Manave reviewed Supreme Court documents, archived newspaper articles, correspondence, Executive Orders, memoirs, telegrams and speeches to exam Owens’ decision to compete in Berlin (where he won four gold medals and broke three world records).

Manav’s research showed that at a time when discrimination, segregation and racism were rampant in Nazi Germany and the United States, Owens’ accomplishments forced Americans to recognized black achievements and were a catalyst for dismantling segregation in America.

The judges commended manna’s research skills, and his analysis and extensive use of historical records.

Manav will be presented with his award at a luncheon on October 24th at the Cultural Education Center in Albany.

Congratulations to Manav for this wonderful recognition! Thanks to Ms. Roberts, Mr. Ardito and Mr. Michael Haig for their support of Manav in his work.


Christina Gambino Encourages Students to Attack their Potential!

Christina Gambino (class of 2006, but she left Wheatley earlier because her family moved to Florida) came to speak to Ms. Jacobson’s Spanish Conversation students last week. She brought with her an inspirational message of positivity, encouraging students to never giving up and to overcoming obstacles that appear in life. With a background in gymnastics, Christina grabbed everyone’s attention by entering the room walking on her hands!

You can learn more about Christina’s message through her website www.christinagambino.com or through one of her videos:

Thanks to Ms. Jacobson for the photos:


Wheatley Regents and AP Data Overview for 2017

Wheatley has long prided itself on creating an environment in which students are able to succeed in a variety of different ways. Students have demonstrated excellence in a wide range of artisticscientifichistoricalmathematicallinguistic and athletics pursuits…just to name a few!

Wheatley students have also been successful in both state and national examinations. At last night’s Board of Education work session, an overview of the Regents examinations results and the Advanced Placement results was presented to the community. You can view a copy of the presentation below:

Wheatley Data Overview September 2017

Wheatley Data Overview Sept17