Meet our 2022 Wheatley Medalists!

The final recognition given during our recent Academic Awards Evening is The Wheatley Medal. Presented by the Wheatley Principal, the Wheatley Medal seeks to highlight two seniors who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to school and community.

Here is what was said during the presentation of this year’s medalists: Declan Brady and Maia Cale.

Our first recipient of the Wheatley Medal is an incredibly well-rounded, scholar and athlete who possesses bounds of creative insight and intellect. A critical member of many co-curricular activities, he is not only is fully engaged in his pursuits, but he engages others by leading group discussions and posing provocative questions. This is a student who everyone wants on their team—not just because of his tremendous intellect or athletic ability– but because this recipient brings everyone to their individual and collective best.

This recipient’s quiet confidence and maturity permits him to fit into any circle while being a strong leader in any circumstance. Passionate, funny, and determined, this student tackles every challenge with grace and aplomb. The layers to this student are endless and he is truly one of the brightest young men that Wheatley has ever seen! We wish him the best of luck at the University of Pennsylvania next year!

Please join me in congratulating Declan Brady as one of this year’s recipients of The Wheatley Medal!

The second recipient of the Wheatley Medal exemplifies leadership, honor, trust, and empathy. She strives to comfort those around her and assist anyone in need. Faculty and students alike seek her support, advice and input. Younger students seek her mentorship as a peer tutor.

This recipient strives to maintain an inclusive environment and has a deep sensitivity for others. Her coordination of events and activities is executed with detail and thought. If there is a school-wide event at Wheatley, this student is likely overseeing its planning and development! 

An exceptional student, she has managed a demanding course load while being deeply engaged is a variety of school and district committees, our Student Senate and any other awareness or fundraising campaign that needs support. In a quiet and effective manner, this student is fully dedicated to all she does. 

Wheatley will miss her generous nature, friendly smile, and positivity in the halls! We look forward to hearing about her success at Binghamton next year!

Please join me in celebrating Maia Cale as the second recipient of the Wheatley Medal!

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