Wheatley Students Compete at the Bellmore-Merrick Challenge!

On 25 May, The Wheatley School was invited once again to Calhoun High School for the 18th annual Bellmore-Merrick Challenge.  We were especially excited for this year’s event as it has been canceled for the past few years.  This challenge focuses on 10 sporting events including track races, hockey shots, golf, target toss, cup stacking and more!  We come together with many Nassau County School Districts for a day of fun sporting events and challenges.  

This year, our students did amazing in the challenge events!  James Park, a student in Dr. Laurino’s class, won a trophy for the Cup Stacking challenge and another medal for good sportsmanship.  Ahsan Ijaz, also a student in Dr. Laurino’s class, won a trophy for the Longest Throw challenge and a medal for good sportsmanship.

All the students received a ribbon for participation. It was a fun and happy day for all!

Thank you to Dr. Laurino for the write-up and the photos. Thank you to Dr. Laurino, Mrs. Klein and Mr. Cadet for accompanying the students on the trip.

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