Wheatley DECA Students Succeed at International Conference!

On 23 April, four members of the Wheatley DECA club traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to compete in the DECA International Competition. They competed in various business-related events against students from all over the United States and even other countries. 

These students participated in several competitive rounds over four days, including a written exam and several role-play scenarios. Juniors Mahdi Bhalloo and Steven Jarrahy did an excellent job competing together in the Financial Services Team Event.

Junior Riya Mittle, who had come in 1st place in the NYS Marketing Communications event, competed and moved to the Final Round at the National Competition. By the end of the competition, Riya had earned a place in the top 20 in the country!

Junior Tyler Richman did a fantastic job and moved on to the Final Round of the Apparel and Accessories Marketing Event. He came in the top 20 in the country as well!       

We are proud of these four students for their dedication, hard work, and noteworthy accomplishments! We look forward to returning to the competition next year! Thank you to the DECA Advisor Kristen Malik for supporting the students, and thanks to Jason Craven for chaperoning the trip. 

On the first night of the conference, there was a shooting just outside the convention center. With thousands of students in the area (along with thousands of other tourists), it was a frightening moment that caused bystanders to panic and flee the area. In the midst of this chaotic scene, our very own Tyler Richman proved to be a calming and heroic presence.

Yesterday, a parent of a DECA student from a neighboring district reached out to me to share the impact Tyler had during and after the shooting. Her daughter was with a friend and running from the gunfire. They were very frightened. As they were running away, her daughter lost a shoe and was stuck at a gate. This is when Tyler found them, helped them over the gate and then stayed with them to reassure them that all will be okay. Tyler stayed with the girls until the situation was clear and everyone was safe. The girl’s mother was so grateful for Tyler’s compassion, bravery and understanding. For those of us who know Tyler, we are not at all surprised by how he conducted himself and looked out for others during a scary time.

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