Students Shine in the Italian Poetry Contest!

Congratulations to the six Wheatley medalists of the annual poetry contest sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Italian.  Approximately 250 students from Long Island competed in this annual event held earlier this month.

For the contest, students must select a published poem (in Italian) and recite it by memory. They are evaluated on their performance, poise, pronunciation and interpretation of the selected poem.

CONGRATULAZION!!!! I am so proud of ALL our students who took on the challenge to memorize a poem and recite it for this annual contest!


Level I

  • 2nd Place:  Sofia Ng

Level II

  • 1st Place: Alaina Pinto
  • 2nd Place:  William Sellerberg
  • 3rd Place:  Alyssa Bhagan

Level IV

  • 2nd Place: Ella Suppa
  • 3rd Place: Taylor Grabowski

Congratulations to the students and many thanks to Mrs. Vasselman for supporting them in this endeavor.

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