Wheatley Students Celebrate Earth Day 2022!

Across our planet, Earth Day took place this past Friday, April 22nd. As we were on vacation during that week, we celebrated the day on April 16th and 17th with a series of activities and information booths intended to educate and inform our students on issues related to Earth Day.

Some of the activities included:

  • Assemblies with guest lecturers on food choices, water conservation, and careers in conservation
  • Interactions with a 10-foot boa constrictor and other animals
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade and homemade Yonanas
  • Environmental T-shirt sales and plant sales
  • Lots of music and tasty treats!

As you can see from the photos, the weather was beautiful, and Wheatley’s Earth Fest was a lot of fun for all! A huge “thank you” to Tiyana Frank and our EAC students for all of the work they did to prepare for the activities.

Our friends at Island Photography were at our Earth Fest and shared some of the following photos:

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