Class of 2022 Wins #Showdown2022!

Showdown2022 wrapped up late Friday night after a competitive Friday Night Finale attended by nearly 450 of our students! When the results were finally announced, the Class of 2022 was awarded the Showdown Cup!

It was a great week of competition!

Day 5 included WSTV Trivia (Potpourri Edition), which was won by the 9th grade. It also included a puzzle which, for the first time, was not completed by any class! The day portion ended with our Spirit Video assembly. The Junior beat out the Seniors for the best video (you can view all of the videos through this link (they begin at 15:30):

The Friday Night Finale included a wide range of activities, from badminton, scooter polo, knockout, chess and musical chairs. A highlight of the evening, however, was the Dance Competition!

More photos will follow, but here are a few to give you a sense of the day’s (and night’s) fun!

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