Wheatley’s Career Fair Brings the Real World of Work to our 11th and 12th Grade Students!

On Friday, 1 April, Wheatley held its annual Career Fair in order to expose our students to some of the possible careers available to them outside of Wheatley and college. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, this was our first Career Fair since 2020. With the support of our community, seventeen different professionals spent time at Wheatley sharing information about their careers, their backgrounds and the interests that led them to pursue their current career.

The Career Fair presenters were assigned an individual classroom for their presentations. All 11th and 12th graders were asked to select two different presenters to visit during the fair. Students were later asked to write a reflection on their career fair choices and the presentations.

A huge “Thank You” to the presenters. Thank you as well to Natalia McMillan, our Senior Project Coordinator, and Wayne Jensen, our Director of Social Studies and Real World Learning for their work organizing the event!

This year’s Career Fair Presenters included:

  1. Danielle Gruttadaurio – Forensic artist
  2. Drew Hambly – Executive Director of Sustainable Investing (Morgan Stanley)
  3. Joshua Gluck – FDNY paramedic
  4. Kory Mackillop – General Contractor & Development Manager (Armstrong)
  5. John Magloire – Chief Executive Officer (Access Staffing)
  6. Justice Arthur Engoron – NYS Supreme Court Justice
  7. Michelle Mazur-Grosskopf – Television Production
  8. Pei-Sze Cheng – Journalist / Investigative Reporter
  9. Samir Patel – Trademark Law Attorney
  10. Gary Kelly – Building Project Manager (Navillus Contracting)
  11. Melora Loffreto – KidOYO Computer Programming Founder and Owner
  12. Alyssa Moirano – Elementary School Teacher
  13. Terry Bhagan – Certified Public Accountant (Deloitte Tax LLP)
  14. Fil Petti – Biotechnology / Oncology Drug Development
  15. Todd Richman – Managing Director / Financial Advisor (JP Morgan)
  16. Dr. Ellen Haddad – Neurologist
  17. Andrea Baker – Speech Pathologist

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