Wheatley’s Vintage Poets of 2022 Announced!

Earlier this year, Maliha Ayaz and Charlotte Iannone, the editors of our award-winning literary magazine, Vintage, announced a new contest—the Vintage Poets Competition. Students were asked to submit an original piece of work as part of this competition.

The response to the competition was outstanding, and it took longer than expected to work through all of the quality submissions.

Congratulations to our Vintage Poet of 2022: Mutashma Shaaf

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s contest:

  • The Vintage Poet of 2022: Anne Boleyn by Mutashma Shaaf 
  • The Silver Medalist: My Moon by Bridget Ye
  • The Bronze Medalist: She Looked Like Art by Leona Semenov

Honorable Mentions:

1. Dreams by Hitasha Kasliwal
2. Me and You by Ibrahim Kafeel
3. Moonlight Poem by Sydney Romano
4. We’ll Never Know Till The Day Comes by Mutashma Shaaf
5. Home?  by Sonia Patel
6. To Dion Johnson by Ian Kim
7. A Stranger I Used to Know  by Zoe Lahiji

Congratulations to all of the recognized students! Congratulations also to Maliha and Charlotte for launching such a successful competition. Thank you to Mr. Wilson, the Vintage Advisor, for his support of the students.

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