Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island Joint Concert!

On Tuesday evening, our auditorium was filled with live music as our Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island joint concert took place (live) once again!

This was the 37th annual joint concert born out of a grant project. As part of this collaboration, members of the Orchestra of Long Island came to our school to coach all of our string students, plus a select number of wind, brass and percussion students, on the standard orchestral literature they are currently studying. These professionals coached our musicians in small groups, and, last night, our students and the OLI musicians sat side-by-side for the performance.

This event would not have been possible without the support of our Board of Education, our District Administration, and our partnership with Nassau BOCES. At Wheatley, Mr. D’Onofrio-Watts was the key organizer and facilitator of all aspects of this program!

You can view the program here: Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island Concert

You can view a recording of the concert here: https://youtu.be/CctiEpgL7lQ

Our friends at Island Photography were present to document the concert!

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