Wheatley Students Share their Reflections on the Special Holocaust Assembly

Last Wednesday, Wheatley had the great fortune of hearing from three Holocaust survivors through a live Zoom meeting organized by the Nassau County Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center. 

At the end of the event, students were asked to share three words that came to them regarding the presentation and then a sentence or two of a more detailed reflection.

Thanks to the help of Ms. Alexis Pace, our Director of High School Life, we created a banner with some of the student quotes and a word cloud of all of the words shared. Some of the students whose sentences were used posed in front of the banner, which is hung in the Main Lobby outside our auditorium.

Students whose quotes were used on the banner include:

  • Manaal Ahmad
  • Nayiri Barton
  • Mahdi Bhalloo
  • Julianna DeBellis
  • Shannon Flachner
  • Sarik Gupta
  • Ibrahim Kafeel
  • Ashley Kopp
  • Rayen Kuo
  • Ethan Lee
  • Noah Moezinia
  • Adriana Petrizzo
  • Tyler Richman
  • Jessica Shaw
  • Daniel Solomon
  • Sofia Ng
  • Evan Wang

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