Wheatley ICU Students Discuss the Lunar New Year Traditions and History to our North Side Students!

Earlier today, some of our Wheatley Intercultural Unity (ICU) Club students went to North Side to present to the third-grade classes information about the Lunar New Year, its history and its traditions. As part of these 40-minute presentations, the Wheatley students also had the younger ones complete an arts and crafts activity.

The students who participated included:

  • Audrey Chen
  • Joyce Chen
  • Ophelia Ching
  • Morgan Doan
  • Aribeth Gu
  • Charlotte Iannone
  • JT Iannone
  • Anika Kaur
  • Ritika Kaur
  • Azelle Kim
  • Hitasha Kasliwal
  • Emma Liu
  • Nike Oshodi
  • Lauren Shin
  • Jessica Tu
  • Kristin Zachariah
  • Charles Zhang
  • Alex Zhao
  • Ella Zhong

Thank you to the North Side teachers who permitted the Wheatley students to present to the younger students: Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Conklin, Mr. Owen, Mrs. Truskiewicz, Mrs. DeVito and Mrs. D’Albenzio, and Mrs. Zahn. Thank you as well to Mr. Fitzko (ICU Advisor), Mr. Bloomgarden and Mrs. Pandolf for their assistance!

You can view a copy of the presentation here: https://bit.ly/3AZ7cDv

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