Wheatley Curriculum and Activities Evening

As parents of our incoming 8th Graders (the Class of 2027) were learning more about their child’s first year at Wheatley, parents of current Wheatley students were learning more about the many offerings, programs and opportunities for students in grades 9-12 through our Curriculum Presentations.

Through a series of Google Meetings and self-guided presentations, parents were able to attend sessions on the following specific topics:

  • 10th Grade English Offerings (SWS/English 10/English 10H)
  • College-level Course Offerings (AP courses, Dual Enrollment courses, AP Capstone, alternative diploma pathways)
  • STEM Overview (including PLTW, Computer Science, Mathematics, Science and Research offerings)

Parents also had an opportunity to “drop in” on some of our department supervisors to learn about our Social Studies, English, STEM, World Language, Guidance and Music and Art offerings. A huge “Thank You” to the department supervisors and teachers — Mr. O’Brien, Mrs. Pace, Mr. Kemnitzer, Dr. Teseo, Mr. Jensen, Mr. Collier, Mr. Clarke, Mr. O’Brien, Mrs. Gluck and Mrs. Mammolito, who helped make this night informative.

You can download some of the information distributed through the following links:

Self-Guided Presentations

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