Priscilla Shin Provides New Artwork for Main Entrance Security Desk!

Just before the Thanksgiving Recess, some new artwork was installed on the security desk at the front entrance of the school. Designed by Priscilla Shin (Class of 2024), the artwork was the culmination of months and months of brainstorming and painting.

In Priscilla’s words:

In these two paintings, I have metaphorically compared a student’s academic progress at Wheatley to rock climbing. An educational institution is a place that students attend to accomplish and eventually achieve many things. I specifically see our school as a place where we train in order to feel ready to scale real-life obstacles. Wheatley is represented by the training rock wall in my first painting. The climbers represent students and the belayers who are supporting them represent teachers. The professional belayers are training the amature climbers to climb practice courses compared to a real cliff. This is so that the climbers will be successful in real life. The goals of these ambitious students are reached thanks to the training we receive from our teachers.

Priscilla Shin (Class of 2024)

Thank you to Priscilla for her incredible creativity and her many hours of work in creating such a beautiful addition to our entrance!

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