Charlotte Iannone is the Newest Wheatley Idol!

On Monday evening, the Wheatley auditorium was once again filled with spectators enjoying the 16th edition of Tri-M’s Wheatley Idol! After a year-long absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was wonderful to have a return of this tremendously entertaining evening!

Hosted by Joyce Chen and Hasan Suleman, the evening featured performances from eight incredibly talented competitors. From these eight initial competitors, three finalists were selected by our “celebrity” judges: Mr. Jensen, Mr. Portente and Mr. Watts. These three finalists then performed another song and the winner was selected by audience vote.

This year’s eight competitors were:

Charlotte Iannone (singing Numb by Marina)

Priscilla Shin (singing When Will My Life Begin by Mandy Moore)

Danielle Joshua (singing Adonai by Avalon)

Jace Yagoda (singing Pulled by Andrew Lippa)

Pavithra Eswar (singing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi)

Maliha Ayaz (singing her original composition To Mr. Moon by Maliha Ayaz)

Krittika Prajapati (singing First Burn by Lin-Manuel Miranda)

Ian Kim (singing When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars)

From these eight initial competitors, the three finalists selected were: Charlotte Iannone, Jace Yagoda and Krittika Prajapati.  Each of these finalists performed another song for the audience. At this time, the audience voted. When all votes were tallied, Charlotte Iannone (Class of 2022) was declared the newest Wheatley Idol. At this time, she performed one more song for the audience.

Congratulations to Charlotte and all of the amazing performers! Thank you as well to our three celebrity judges. Special thanks to our wonderful co-hosts, Joyce and Hasan, along with all of the dedicated members of Tri-M. Of course, none of these things could have happened without the support of the Tri-M Advisors, Dr. Peggy Ho and Mr. Rick Wilson.

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