Class of 1960 Returns to Wheatley!

On Tuesday, 12 October, members of the Class of 1960 returned to Wheatley to participate in a panel discussion with other students. The Class of 1960 was in the area to celebrate its 60th Reunion (which was postponed last year due to COVID-19), and several members wanted to come back and share their experiences with some of the current Wheatley students.

Returning members of the Class of 1960 included:

  • Fred Carillo
  • George Howell
  • Mary Jayne Johnson
  • Ken Martin
  • Lucy Mullman
  • Chuck Napoli
  • Charlie Zimmerman

After a tour of the building and a discussion of the many changes at Wheatley over the decades, the members of the Class of 1960 sat in a panel discussion to address questions such as:

  • What path did you go on upon graduating Wheatley?
  • Who was your favorite teacher and why?
  • What was school spirit like during your years at Wheatley?
  • What guidance would you give current students?

Students and faculty alike were inspired by these graduates’ commitment to the school and determination to remain connected to such an important part of their lives.

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