New Mural Installed at Wheatley!

On Friday afternoon, a new mural featuring student artwork was installed at Wheatley. Designed and drawn by Alyson Zeller (Class of 2022), the colorful mural showcases many of the activities and events associated with Wheatley.

In Alyson’s words:

I created this mural for our SWS community garden outdoor classroom. My intention while designing this mural was to make an artwork that the entire student body could relate to as it is visible from multiple hallways. I incorporated school sports, clubs, activities, school events, and Wheatley spirit. This mural was hand drawn digitally and took 72 hours to complete. I hope that it can be enjoyed for years to come by both students and faculty.

Alyson Zeller, Class of 2022

Alyson worked long and hard on this artwork. Her talent and efforts are going to brighten our school for years to come!

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