Nineteen Wheatley Students Earn the AP Capstone Diploma!

Nineteen (19) students at The Wheatley School earned the AP Capstone Diploma during the 2020-21 school year. The AP Capstone Diploma program helps students to develop critical thinking, research, collaboration, and presentation skills that are critical to academic success.

To receive the AP Capstone Diploma, students must earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research and on four additional AP Exams. Over 2,000 schools participated in the AP Capstone program worldwide during the 2020-21 school year, when approximately 11,900 students earned the AP Capstone Diploma.

Unlike traditional AP subject exams with a single end-of-year assessment, AP Seminar and AP Research assessments are project-based and evaluate skills mastery through group projects, presentations, and individual essays completed throughout the year. Instead of focusing on one specific academic discipline, AP Seminar and AP Research are interdisciplinary: students are empowered to create research projects based on topics of personal interest and they are assessed on critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management, and presentation skills needed to complete their projects.

Some of the projects Wheatley students completed last year include:

  • The effect of TikTok on US Teen Girls
  • Calling the Shots: The Autonomy of Minor in Medical Decisions
  • Using Population Statistics to Predict Commute Times by Country: A Machine Learning Approach
  • Electoral College vs. Popular Vote
  • Body Image in High School Female Distance Runners: The Mental and Physical Impacts of Negative Body Image and Body Dissatisfaction
  • Politics and the Pandemic: Examining the Connections Between COVID-19 Infection Rates and Voting Patterns in Nassau County, New York
  • The Effect of Immunoglobulin E on Glioma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Gay Representation in East-Asian Media
  • What are the effects of Standardized Testing on Students in The United States?
  • Societal Values, Parenting Styles and their Effects on Children’s Mental and Emotional Health

Each year, the student research is gathered and bound in a volume available in our library.

The following current Grade 12 students earned the AP Capstone Diploma last year:

  • Maliha Ayaz
  • Declan Brady
  • Joyce Chen
  • Aisvaryaa Dhama
  • Suhani Jain
  • Emilia Keys
  • Yan Jun Lin
  • Caroline O’Brien
  • Kate Seo
  • Jaina Shah
  • Justin Wong
  • Kristin Zachariah

The following 2021 graduates earned the AP Capstone Diploma last year:

  • Richard Attardi
  • Paula Gbenebitse
  • Temitope Oshodi
  • Olivia Palmieri
  • Iman Pirzada
  • Arielle Rokhsar
  • Samar Saleem

The following 2021 graduates earned the AP Capstone Diploma during the 2019-20 school year. They are not part of the 19 students who earned it last year.

  • Anya Chabria
  • Ubaidullah Hassan
  • Aarushi Jain
  • Pukhraj Kaur

Congratulations to all the students who achieved this impressive credential. We are thankful as well to the AP Seminar, AP Research and AP subject teachers for the regular support and encouragement they provided students over the years.

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