Vintage Coffee(less) and Tea(less) House Entertains!

On Friday afternoon, the 51st Edition of Wheatley’s award-winning literary magazine, Vintage, was debuted amid an afternoon of student performance and celebration. Some students read their work published in this year’s remarkable edition, other students read unpublished work, and some students performed musical pieces. Although we were not able to serve the traditional coffee, tea and snacks, the student performances more than made up for the lack of food. It was a lovely way in which to end a busy week!

This year’s Vintage was produced through an intensive online collaborative process. Congratulations and thanks to the Editor-in-Chief, Huda Ayaz for her incredible efforts this year. Working with Huda were:

  • Maliha Ayaz, Editor of Poetry
  • Charlotte Iannone, Editor of Prose
  • Maia Cale, Editorial Assistant
  • Luzy Zha, Editorial Assistant
  • Maia Cale, Art and Photography

A big “Thank You” to Rick Wilson, the Faculty Advisor.

Students can purchase this year’s Vintage in the Main Lobby throughout this coming week.

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