Meet our 2021 PTO Teacher of the Year!

The penultimate award given at last week’s Academic Awards Evening was the Wheatley PTO Teacher of the Year award. Voted on by the parents, this award recognizes a teacher who has made a particular impact over the past year.

This year’s winner was Thomas Storck, one of our terrific industrial technology teachers.

Here is what was said about Mr. Storck:

Calm, polite and helpful are common descriptors for this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year. A professional who treats everyone with courtesy and respect, this teacher is loved by their students and deeply appreciated by their colleagues.

Students describe a teacher who “is understanding and makes the class fun for us.” Parents describe this teacher as responsive and supportive of all students. This teacher cares both about the academic success and personal growth of their students.

Whether they are teaching a foundational course to our 8th grade students or a more advanced course to our older students, this teacher is able to connect with their students, assess their learning and impact their lives. Our school and our students are so fortunate to have them as a model and mentor. To make room for the plaque, he might need to move some of the framed photos of his beautiful newborn, Lizzie!

Please join me in congratulating Thomas Storck as this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Storck with one of his classes

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