Meet our 2021 PTO Recognition Students!

The penultimate award given during the Academic Awards Evening is the PTO Student Recognition award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize two deserving seniors who exhibit the qualities we value and encourage in our young people:

  • Kindness, respect, and tolerance for self, others and the environment
  • Good judgment and decision making
  • High ethical standards and character
  • Sincerity
  • Dignity
  • Courage to overcome obstacles
  • Good citizenship
  • Dependability and helpfulness

These awards are supported by our wonderful Wheatley PTO. Here is what was said about this year’s recipients, Temitope Oshodi and Olivia Palmieri:

Temitope Oshodi

Our first recipient is an outgoing, compassionate, and remarkable student. Referring to him as a humble young man is truly an understatement; he is a kind-hearted individual who always puts others’ needs before his own. This student excels in any task he takes on, and his dedication to his scholastic, athletic, and musical accomplishments is exemplary.

He continues to explore his interests outside of the classroom and discover new organizations to volunteer his time. He has spent countless hours volunteering at The Christ First Presbyterian Church, where he worked diligently assisting in fundraisers, youth education programs, and doing community service jobs to help the communities. As starting goalie on the Varsity Soccer team, he is admired by his teammates and coaches for the outstanding leadership he displays on the field. His presence on the field will certainly be missed.  

On behalf of the Wheatley PTO, it gives me great joy to present the PTO Recognition Award to Temitope Oshodi.

Olivia Palmieri

Our second PTO recipient is a  mature, dedicated, and exemplary student who not only performs at an outstanding academic level but has enjoyed every moment of her time at Wheatley. Her energy, enthusiasm, and never-ending school spirit are felt throughout our community.

While working together with her peers, she fosters a safe academic and athletic environment while participating in the Italian Club, Student Government, and a vital member of the Varsity Volleyball team.

Girl Scouts of America has been a part of her life since she was a young kindergartener. Over the years her role and responsibilities within her troop have changed to include leadership and organizing community service activities and serving as a mentor to younger girls. As such, she has been awarded the Bronze and Silver Girl Scout Award, and is currently pursuing her Gold Award. 

It is an honor to award Olivia Palmieri with the PTO Award.

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