Meet our 2021 Wheatley Medalists!

The final recognition given during our recent Academic Awards Evening is The Wheatley Medal. Presented by the Wheatley Principal, the Wheatley Medal seeks to highlight two students who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to school and community.

Here is what was said during the presentation of this year’s medalists, Manav Bansal and Aarushi Jain.

Manav Bansal

Wheatley has been blessed by the talent and generosity of this next recipient in so many diverse ways. Academically, he has enriched his life and those around him by always striving for perfection – no matter the challenge. A gifted, hardworking student, his transcript showcases a student who has challenged himself in a wide variety of subjects while maintaining a perfect GPA.

Academics do not sufficiently describe this young man’s place within our community, however. Able to connect easily with both students and teachers, he has proven to be a leader in his grade and our school. He cares deeply about the school and seeks to include everyone in activities and events. 

His passions regarding the environment have led him to be educated about climate change and push for solutions to help save our planet. He does these things to make a difference, not to receive accolades. Whether in the classroom, on the soccer field or on the volleyball court, you want this young man on your team!

Please join me in congratulating Manav Bansal as one of this year’s recipients of The Wheatley Medal!

Aarushi Jain

With boundless energy, dedication and commitment, our second recipient has impacted our school in so many different manners. Her extraordinary academic achievements both within our school and outside of it speak not only to her innate abilities but to her perseverance as well. Described as an “altruistic minded and highly determined young woman,” she is focused and driven; she has matured into an articulate and fearless leader during her time at Wheatley. She has demonstrated a natural ability to connect, lead and inspire others to get involved.

This student’s logical mind and conscientious manner are key to her success in both the classroom and in the community. As a peer tutor at Wheatley, she lends a helping hand to any and all students. She was also a founding member of our wildly successful Debate Team.

She is not just about leadership and academics, however; she also possesses the determined soul of a seasoned athlete. This incredibly multi-talented young woman will be leading rowers on the Connecticut River at Dartmouth next year!

We have been so fortunate to have her at Wheatley for these past five years. Please join me in congratulating the second recipient of the Wheatley Medal, Aarushi Jain.

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