Wheatley Students Recognized on National Spanish Exam!

Congratulations to our Wheatley Spanish students who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2021 National Spanish Examinations.

Wheatley students earned a total of 8 Gold, 17 Silver and 12 Bronze medals along with 21 Honorable Mentions

Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious, because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over 55,000 students participating in 2021.

Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, National Director of the Exams,

Wheatley students have a long history of high achievement on these exams, thanks to their commitment to excellence and the work of their Spanish teachers, Julie Jacobson, Mary Martinez, Pilar Principe-Franco and Angel Rivero.

Level 2 Gold

  • Annelise Bell
  • Jhumee Jung
  • Julia Savy
  • Ava Tafreshi
  • Derek Zhang

Level 2 Silver

  • Albert Deluxe
  • Murtaza Dogar
  • Benjamin Friedrich
  • Raisa Hasan
  • Sachleen Kaur
  • Andrew Pinto
  • Emma Rosenberg
  • Jessica Shaw
  • Priscilla Shin
  • Zachary Sparacio

Level 2 Bronze

  • Aamirah Ali
  • Emma Novak
  • Sydney Romano
  • Alyson Yam

Level 2 Honorable Mention

  • Justin Belle
  • Kushal Doshi
  • Laila Hameedi
  • Julia Leccese
  • Taylor Rubenstein
  • Taylor Steinberg
  • Gia Verma
  • Ria Verma
  • Amanda Werny

Level 3 Gold

  • Riya Mittle
  • Nikolai Sotelo
  • Level 3 Silver
  • Emma Azevedo
  • Sajama Djama
  • Tyler Richman

Level 3 Bronze

  • Skye Blau
  • Pavan Gabbur
  • Hallie Packin
  • Ohm Patel
  • Sonia Patel
  • Thomas Valle
  • Aden Saparzadeh

Level 3 Honorable Mention

  • Aidan Dearborn
  • Tobey Hirsch
  • Garima Jain
  • Faith Joshua
  • Winston Lee
  • Bryan McCleary
  • Valeria Pashko
  • Michael Wang

Level 4 Gold

  • Evan Wang
  • Level 4 Silver
  • Khaliq Ahmed
  • Krittika Prajapati
  • Kristin Zachariah

Level 4 Bronze

  • Ian Kim
  • Emma Pak

Level 4 Honorable Mention

  • Caroline O’Brien
  • Alexandra Ofsie
  • Sarah Ostad
  • Hannah Weinberg

The National Spanish Exam is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.  

Congratulations to all of the recognized students, and thanks to our dedicated teachers.

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