English 10H Talks Permit Students to Share their Passions and Inspirations!

Earlier this month, students in our English 10 Honors courses finished work on the sixth annual “English 10H Talks.” Modeled after the well-known Ted Talks, these student presentations aimed to answer the question, “What Matters?” Students chose topics that reflected their passions and interests, aiming to educate and inform the audience in under ten minutes.

In order to share these impressive presentations with friends, family and the community, students recorded them using FlipGrid. You can access the presentations through the following link: https://flipgrid.com/72e5e09a

Congratulations to the students for completing these terrific presentations. A big “Thank You” to Lauren Blum and Steve Collier for their work organizing, inspiring and helping students through this work.

  • Nadra Khan: “The Second Generation Identity Crisis”
  • Mahdi Bhaloo: “Why Americans Should Care About Global Health”
  • Bridget Ye: “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”
  • Nikolai Sotelo: “What is Queer Culture?”
  • Lauren Tavolacci: “The Corona Virus Wants You to Hate Your Body”
  • Tobey Hirsch: “Sports Media”
  • Benjamin Casella: “Originalism and Living Constitutionalism”
  • Amir Agarwal: “Why You Should Pursue Language Learning”
  • Ella Suppa: “Let them Sleep! High School Starting Later”
  • Riya Mittle: “Benefits of Playing Instruments”
  • Aden Saparzadeh: “Obesity in America”
  • Valeria Pashko: “The Benefits of Owning Plants”
  • Charles Zhang: “Lucid Dreaming”
  • Michael Wang: “How Influencers Destroy the Stock Market”
  • Brian Song: “AI in Retail Businesses”
  • Tatiana Agarwal: “Go to the Doctor! Stay Informed about your Health!”
  • Sayed Imran Ali: “Grades and Student Success”
  • Emma Azevedo: “Nature vs. Nurture: What Causes Confidence?”
  • Olivia Ching: “Music’s Effect on Teenagers”
  • Samantha Davidov: “Television: A Not So Guilty Pleasure”
  • Justin Doan: “Invasive Species: The Downfall of our Earth”
  • Garima Jain: “From Rain Man to Atypical: Portraying Autism in Film”
  • Hailey Lessen: “Why You Should Play Tennis”
  • Riya Marchawala: “The Benefits of Owning a Dog for College Students”
  • Hallie Packin: “The Rise of Baking as a Therapeutic Tool”
  • Arman Patel: “How the Positives of Video Games Outweigh the Negatives”
  • Sonia Patel: “Vegetarianism: Brimming With Benefits”
  • Sasha Rosenzweig: “Traveling for a Happy and Successful Lifestyle”
  • Tara Seewaldt: “Benefits of Sports Participation”
  • Leona Semenov: “The Need for Holocaust Education”
  • Divya Singh: “Middle Child Syndrome”
  • Christina Tsoumpariotis: “The Medical Field: Inspiration and Adversity”
  • Jessica Tu: “Are Parasocial Relationships Healthy for the Adolescent Mind?”
  • Leah Varghese: “Observing the Zeitgeist Through Art Movements”
  • Aliza Virji: “Gender Stereotypes in Advertising”

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