Priscilla Shin is a Doodle for Google Finalist! Vote for Her Doodle!

Doodles for Google is an annual contest for students in grades K-12, giving them an opportunity to create their own artwork that will appear on Our very own Priscilla Shin is the New York State Winner for grades 8-9.

In the next stage of the contest, Google is inviting the public to vote for their favorite Doodle from the 54 State and Territory Winners, in order to help determine which students will go on to become one of the 5 National Finalists. Voting is open through Friday, 14 May.

Vote today for Priscilla! You can vote through this link:
Please share this information with all of your friends and social media networks. Let’s help Priscilla get as many votes as possible!

I have attached a JPG of Priscilla’s artwork. This year’s contest asked students to create a Doodle based on what inner strength means to them. Priscilla’s description of her work is as follows: 

I am strong because I can love myself despite society’s standards. In my doodle, I have illustrated the stages of an individual overcoming the roles she is pressured to fit. At the extent of her journey, this character is also strong because she has grown to accept herself.

Priscilla Shin, Grade 9

Vote for Priscilla and share with your friends and social networks!

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