Wheatley Scores Long Island History Day Winners!

Last month, Wheatley students participated in the Long Island History Day competition, the regional round of the National History Day competition. Each year, this competition chooses a theme around which students research topics of their own choosing and present them in a variety of manners. This year’s theme is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. After competing (and advancing) in the school-based round in February, students competed against their peers from schools across Long Island.

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Jo Beth Roberts, who guides students through all steps of the National History Day process, to Mr. Andrew Ardito, Ms. Courtney Clarke, Dr. Sean Lazarus, and Mr. Justin Portente for working with students as they prepared their projects for this years LIHD competition, and to the entire social studies department for their roles in judging the district-wide competition. 

A special congratulations also goes to Mrs. Roberts, for her nomination as 2021 New York State National History Day Teacher of the Year from the Long Island region.

Thanks to Mr. Jenson, our District Director of Social Studies and Real World Learning, for his support of this competition and the write-up of the results. Thanks as well to Melisa Byrns for the photo of the students.

8th Grade

Individual Exhibits

  • 1st Place: Max Melnikov—The Unsilenced Spring: Rachel Carson Choosing Communication Over Silence

Individual Websites

  • 2nd Place: Eleni Daskalakis—Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Voice For Equality

Individual Documentaries

  • 1st Place: Madeline Rong—Norman Rockwell: Communicating Racial Inequality Through Art

Group Exhibits

  • 2nd Place: Alyssa Bhagan and Nicole Shalomov—Afro Hair – Style and Statement
  • 5th Place: Josephine Choe and Alexandra Lew—The Little Rock Nine Fight For Educational Equality
  • 6th Place: Ritika Kaur and Lauren Shin—The White Rose

Group Websites

  • 2nd Place: Adriana Petrizzo and Alaina Pinto: The Discovery of HIV

Senior Division Winners (9th through 12th Grade)


  • 1st Place: Sonia Patel–The Rwandan Genocide: Use of Communication to Incite Violence
  • 2nd Place: Skylar Goldberg–Theresienstadt Ghetto: The Key to Understanding the Nazi Power and Influence Over the World Through Effectively Executed Propaganda

Individual Exhibits

  • 1st Place: Charlotte Iannone—Art of the Italian Renaissance: A Mask of Deception
  • 2nd Place: Alex Ofsie—Lifting the Spirits of America: The New Deal Arts
  • 6th Place: Hailey Lessen—Anti-Vaxxers: A Threat To Our Future

Individual Documentaries

  • 2nd Place: Annelise Belle—Uncensored Journalism in the Vietnam War: Communicating and Sharing the Reality of war to American Homes to Provide a Better Understanding
  • 3rd Place: Kajal Kapoor—Donna Reed: Communicating Feminism through Film and Television

Individual Websites

  • 3rd Place: Maahir Kasliwal—The Port Chicago Disaster: Communicating the Racial Injustice in the Armed Forces
  • 4th Place: Grant Callahan—John Lennon: Communicating en Masse Through Music

Group Documentaries

  • 3rd Place: Manav Bansal, Yanjun Lin and Daniel Solomon—Britain’s Miscommunication and the Balfour Declaration: The Key to Understanding The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • 4th Place: Lauren Hackett, Victoria Potrapeluk and Jaina Shah: The Culper Spy Ring: A Revolutionary Espionage

Group Websites

  • 5th Place: Divya Singh, Garima Jain and Leah Varghese The Execution of the Rosenbergs: Miscommunications during the Red Scare

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