Congratulations to the Class of 2021, Winners of #Showdown2021!

On Friday, after a week of fun activities, the Class of 2021 earned the coveted Showdown Cup with a solid victory over the other classes! Heading into Day 5, the Juniors and Seniors were close, but the seniors had a solid performance on the activities and some of the charity events conducted as part of Showdown—including food donations for The INN, book donations for Book Fairies, and our Coins v. Bills competition.

Day 5 started with WSTV Trivia (Potpourri Edition) and ended with WSTV live streaming activities from the gymnasium and outdoors. At 2:25 pm, the Class of 2021 was declared the winners of #Showdown2021

Thank you to all of the students for a terrific week of competition!

To view the #Showdown2021 Spirit Videos, follow these links:

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