The Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island Concert is a Joy to Watch!

Our annual Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island Joint Concert is one of the musical highlights of the year, as it provides our students with the opportunity to be coached by and then play with the professional musicians of the Orchestra Long Island. This year’s experience (our 36th annual collaboration) was slightly different, as the coaching sessions were virtual and the concert was recorded and blended together.

Although not a live concert, the results are absolutely tremendous! Please be sure to listen (and watch) what the students and professionals were able to accomplish in such a creative fashion.

A wonderful event such as this takes place through the support of our Board of Education, Nassau BOCES Arts in Education program and the Orchestra Long Island. A special “Thank You” to our very own Mr. John D’Onofrio-Watts for his coordination of this event, and District Music and Arts Director Danielle Mammolito for her support.

You can read the program here: Wheatley Orchestra Long Island Program

You can view the concert here:

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