Wheatley’s Winter Concert Performances Provide Joy and Cheer for All!

Back in August 2020, as we were busy rearranging classrooms and schedules in order to accommodate the COVID-19 Guidance for Schools so we could bring back all of our students every day, one of the greatest challenges was how to modify our music program. With no space large enough to safely hold our large performance groups, the scheduling challenges were immense. One thing was certain, however: we were determined to have students playing live music this year.

Thanks to the incredible collaboration of our music department—Mr. John D’Onofrio Watts, Dr. Peggy Ho and Mr. Stan Orlovsky—a rotating schedule was established so students could play (safely, 12 feet apart) in smaller ensembles during the semester. When the weather cooperated, some of the performance groups practiced outside by our bus circle. Demonstrating both flexibility and determination, students were able to perform. The result is a series of absolutely lovely concerts highlighting the talents of our students and faculty alike.

Please enjoy these performances! The band performances will be available after the December Recess.

Thank you again to Mr. D’Onofrio Watts, Dr. Ho and Mr. Orlovsky for all they did to make sure our students could play!

Intermediate Orchestra

Intermediate Choir


Honors String Ensemble

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