Mrs. Jacobson’s Students Express Gratitude and Thanks!

Although these days of the COVID-19 Pandemic can be so challenging at times, Mrs. Jacobson helps her students remember that there is always gratitude to be shared and communicated.

As she has done in the past, Mrs. Jacobson asked her students to write a sentence or two (in Spanish) about an adult employee at Wheatley for whom they are thankful. As an added part of the assignment, she asked them to write a gratitude sentence about one of their friends as well!

The phrases about the employees were placed on the bulletin board in the hallway, and the ones about the students were placed on the bulletin board in Mrs. Jacobson’s classroom. Students who are on Remote Learning were sent the phrases that were written about them!

Thank you to Mrs. Jacobson for helping to encourage and communicate a sense of gratitude among students and adults alike!

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