Decision 2020: The Wheatley School Mock Election!

Over the past few weeks, SWS and the Wheatley social studies department organized Decision 2020: The Wheatley School Mock Election.  Through their social studies classes, students were given an opportunity to cast their vote for President, vote in “down ballot” regional elections, and indicate which issues were most important to them through an exit poll.

Each class was assigned a state in the Electoral College, and the candidates with the most votes in each class were awarded all of the electoral votes for their corresponding state.  Working with Mr. Jensen (our Director of Social Studies and Real World Learning) and Mr. Clarke (our SWS Moderator), the SWS Introduction to Government class tallied the votes in order to determine the mock election’s Electoral College winner.  The results were announced the morning of Wednesday November 4 on WSTV.  Further details about the election results were shared through social studies classes.

In the exit poll, students identified the following as the three issues of greatest importance:

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic Response
  2. Economy and Jobs
  3. Racial Equality & Racial Justice

The mock election was an opportunity for students to see the influence of their vote, and for classes to explore issues such as the two-party system, the Electoral College, local elections, and the importance of different issues for different constituencies.  The majority of students at The Wheatley School will be eligible to vote in the next Presidential election in 2024; we hope that this year’s mock election helps to prepare our students to fulfill one of the most important and impactful civic responsibilities: participating in our democracy through the right to vote.

[Thank you to Mr. Jensen for the write-up and the photos of this event.]

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