Seven Wheatley Students Recognized with Scholastic Art and Writing Awards!

Just before the movement towards Remote Learning, we received notice by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers with Scholastic Art and Writing Awards that seven Wheatley students were recognized with Gold and Silver Keys in the Regional Competition. Winners of Gold Keys are automatically entered into the National Competition.

Gold Key Winners:

  • Anya Chabria (11th grade)
  • Shi Jie Li (11th grade)
  • Shi Jun Li (11th grade)
  • Priscilla Shin (8th grade)

Silver Key Winners:

  • Manav Bansal (11th grade)
  • Anya Chabria (11th grade)
  • Charlotte Iannone (10th grade)
  • Emma Melnikov (11th grade)

Congratulations to these seven students and thank you to our English teachers (Mrs. Blum and Mrs. Walbroehl) who worked with the students.

Gold Keys_IMG_7236

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