Wheatley Students Compete (Virtually) and Succeed (Literally) at New York State History Day!

For nearly a decade, Wheatley students have competed in the National History Day competition. This competition includes local, regional, state and national components. Unfortunately, our Long Island Regional competition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Without the benefit of this competition and the valuable feedback provided, Wheatley students continued to the (virtual) New York State contest and did quite well!

Students who placed first and second at this competition will be advancing to the National History Day virtual contest.  Third-place students will be alternates if the first- and second-place students cannot compete for any reason.

Junior Group Exhibit

  • 3rd Place:  Derek Zhang and Priscilla Shin
    “Guo Pei:  Breaking the Barrier of Racism in Haute Couture”
    Teachers: Scott Eckers and Patrick Clarke

Junior Individual Documentary

  • 1st Place:  Emma Rosenberg
    “Marian Anderson and the Civil Rights Movement:  Breaking the Musical Color Barrier”
    Teacher: Gena Topping

Junior Individual Performance

  • 3rd Place:  Nayiri Barton
    “Breaking Barriers in Chilean History:  The Overthrow of Salvador Allende”
    Teacher: Scott Eckers

Junior Individual Website

  • 2nd Place:  Maahir Kasliwal
    “The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island”
    Teacher: Scott Eckers

Senior Individual Performance

  • 1st Place:  Emma Melnikov
    “A Crucial Beauty:  Lady Bird Johnson Breaking the Barriers Between the Political World and the Natural World”
    Teacher: Courtney Clarke

Senior Paper

  • 1st Place:  Manav Bansal
    “The Everglades: Wetlands, Not Wastelands –  Marjory Stoneman Douglas Overcoming the Barrier of Public Unawareness and the Profit Motive in South Florida”
    Teacher: Andrew Ardito
  • 3rd Place:  Frederick Lin
    “The Croton Aqueduct”
    Teacher: Scott Lazarus

Additionally, the following projects made the finals round at the state level:

Junior Individual Documentary

  • Ben Krittman
    “Stonewall Uprising:  Breaking Barriers for LGBTQ Rights”
    Teacher: Michael Haig

Junior Group Documentary

  • Noah Gorlewski, Aaron Raja, and Rahur Dawar
    “Apollo 11 – Breaking Technological Barriers”
    Teacher: Michael Haig and Gena Topping

Senior Paper

  • Anya Chabria
    “Breaking the Communication Barrier:  The Economic, Political, and Social Impact of Morse’s Telegraph in the Antebellum Period and Beyond”
    Teacher: Andrew Ardito

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • Hailey Lessen
    “Yellow Fever and Racism”
    Teacher: Courtney Clarke

A big “Thank You” to Dr. Eckers, our Social Studies Chair, for the results write-up. Thank you as well to Mrs. Roberts, our Librarian for all of her work with the students. Finally, thank you to the classroom teachers who supported these students throughout the competition!

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