Anika Mittle’s Campaign to Protect our Protectors with PPE!

Anika Mittle (Class of 2021) has been working on an important project during these unprecedented times; she has been running a very successful GoFundMe fundraising campaign: Protecting our Protectors with PPE.

The goal of this mission is to purchase and distribute PPE in the form of face shields and particulate masks to various large hospitals, fire departments, and EMS services throughout Long Island and Queens. To date, Anika’s campaign has raised nearly $12,000 with the funds being used to purchase many high quality, durable face shields through a local manufacturer, thereby supporting local businesses as well.

Subsequently, Anika has donated these large quantities of PPE to hospitals including the Northwell Health System, Brooklyn’s Downstate Health System and Forest Hills Hospitals.  In doing so, she has had the privilege of meeting many hospital administrators who have been most grateful.

Both of Anika’s parents are healthcare professionals, making this mission very close to her heart. Please consider supporting her efforts through the following link:

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