Wheatley Model UN Team Earns Recognition in Chicago!

At the beginning of February, Wheatley’s World Affairs Club attended The University of Chicago’s Model United Nations Conference. Our seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen worked tirelessly in preparation and throughout the conference. The conference included thousands of students from all over the United States and the world. Individuals and teams of two were assigned different nations and committees whose topics ranged from historical crises to real-world conflicts dealing with disarmament, decolonization, environmental issues, economics and finance, NATO, and human rights issues.

The team performed extremely well, winning multiple awards and honorable mentions as they debated, argued, drafted proposals, and lobbied other committee members to support their plans.

Congratulations to Freddy Lin (Honorable Mention as Maria de Los Angeles Moreno, Secretary of Fisheries in the Cabinet of Mexico, 1900 Committee), Ashley Vincenzo (Honorable Mention for representing Italy in the World Health Organization Committee), and Emma Melnikov (Verbal Award as Charles Andre Pozzo di Borgo in the Congress of Vienna Specialized Committee) who won special awards during the conference.

Congratulations as well to all the participants: Zach Azevedo, Rahul Ajmera, Declan Brady, Pádraig Brady, Grant Callahan, Maggie Caroddo, Ben Casella, Joyce Chen, Peter Cuomo, Charlotte Iannone, Siddhi Jain, Teddy Koutsoftas, James Li, Rayhan Meghji, Nike Oshodi, Sonia Patel, Brenden Resnick, Dean Sheinman, Kristin Zachariah, Maryam Zakaria and Brenda Zhong.

Thank you to Andrew Ardito and Courtney Clarke, the club advisors, for leading the team’s passion for global affairs and enhancing our students’ very important public speaking and debating skills.

[Thank you to Mr. Ardito for the write-up and photos!]

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