Wheatley Students Continue Their Travels in France!

Last week, 24 students (and three Wheatley chaperones) began a 9-day adventure in France. Mr. Henley has been kind enough to share additional updates from their adventures!

Day 5: Travel to Nîmes

“Today was a day of high speed travel and surprises. We took a TGV from Paris to Nîmes in Provence which took us three hours. Our group was very efficient getting off the train with the luggage in record time to avoid causing delays!

After an initial lunch exploration of the city, we were treated to a surprise visit to Avignon and its impressive papal palace and winding old streets. This was a very nice experience.”

Day 6: Exploring Provence

“A beautiful sunny day in Provence allowed us to spend the day outdoors! We visited Les Arènes de Nîmes, one of the best preserved coliseums from Roman times and the Maison Carrée, also wonderfully preserved. We then drove to the Pont du Gard where our guide Laurent gave us a history lesson on this impressive structure with colorful anecdotes! We then had our second surprise destination of the trip, a visit to Arles where Van Gogh got a lot of his inspiration.”

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